How To Access Dark Web

In the last article we talked about Dark Web. In this article, I am going to tell you about the steps to access the Dark Web.

Step-1: Go and get yourself a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from here. Keep the VPN on all the time, no matter you are using TOR Browser or not.


You have to take your anonymity and security very seriously while accessing Dark Web and especially while you are visiting any Darknet Markets.

By using simple VPN app, your Darknet activities would be hidden from government agencies and also from hackers. The VPN will give you a fake IP Address and if the security by Tor Browser is compromised then also the VPN will save you by bouncing the location to some other place. VPN is your best friend while accessing Dark Web.

Step-2: Download Tor browser so that you can access the websites on Dark Web. You can download it from here.


Step-3: Install the Tor Browser bundle on your PC or Mac. When the download is complete, open the downloaded file and extract it to the place you want to.

Step-4: Now go to the place where you extracted the Tor file and double-click on “Start Tor Browser“. This will open the Tor start page.

Now you have a good level of anonymity and security and you are ready to access .onion websites on Dark Web.

Now Click Here to have access to some of the Darknet Market list on the Dark Web. If you are looking for some more links to visit on the Dark Web, then here is a list of thousands of links on the Dark Web. Click Here.


Hacking On The Dark Web:

There are many people who are Hackers on the Dark Web and there are even many people who want to become Hackers. So be careful on the Dark Web or else one wrong step could lead you to getting hacked there which could result into destruction of the whole system and theft of personal data as well.

Bonus Security Steps For Dark Web:

Step-5: Do not change the size of the Tor Browser because FEDS have programs that could detect a person easily with change in the size or any other features of the browsers. If you do not change then you are same like the others.

Step-6: Remember that only using Tor Browser is not enough. It doesn’t make you completely anonymous. Keep in mind to turn off the Javascript within Dark Web browser settings.


Step-7: Disconnect your webcam and microphone or block it with black tape. Hackers and FEDS have a way of getting into your computers and turning on your webcam and microphone without any intimation. You may find some of your images which could be used for blackmailing and extortion. Even the Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, covers the webcam and microphone while accessing the Darknet Market.


Step-8: Never use your real name, photos, email or even the passwords which you have used anywhere. This is the fastest way of getting hacked. Use disposable email from here. Never use real name and always use aliases.


Always take your privacy and security very seriously while accessing the Dark Web. If you have any doubts about this article then ask in the comments. Surf Safe everyone.

This is all for information only. Do not get yourself into any illegal activities through this.

15 thoughts on “How To Access Dark Web

  1. This is interesting information. I always thought that I would not be a target for hackers because I am only an ordinary citizen, but I guess everyone should be careful in using the internet! I will have to check on these information you provided. Having a VPN looks like it will work well for me.


  2. This is an interesting article. I guess for those who need and seek privacy a VPN is a great shout. This is very informative indeed.


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