How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

In the last post, I shared the information about the Subconscious Mind. Today I am going to tell you about the Powers Of Subconscious Mind and How to use them. If you want to know about Subconscious Mind then read the last article. Today we will talk about its powers.

In reality, your thoughts and emotions are nothing but vibrations of energy. The energy of your thoughts influence matter. Anything that you focus on (predominant thoughts) is what you attract.


So, always think before thinking about anything. You won’t know when your thoughts could turn into reality.

Most of our day-to-day actions are nothing but data stored in the subconscious mind. This makes our life easier. Imagine if we would have to think every time about how to drink water or any such activities. It would be like mental torture everyday.

Everything that happens in our life depends upon our thinking and the thought process. A better phrase to sum up all this is “Law Of Attraction”. This law is simple to understand but very difficult to apply. This law is all about “Whatever you think about and focus on is what you attract and get in life”. 

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For example, if you are going to an important meeting and you constantly think that you don’t want to get late. You keep on speaking “I don’t want to be late”. And what actually happens is that you will definitely get late. Because you are constantly thinking about getting late and you are attracting it in your life.

Whenever you gossip and keep on talking anything about a third person, what you are actually doing is sending him energy. It is not necessary that you have to be near that person, but whenever you talk about that person, you send him energy. You could be talking negative about that person but the energy that you send is always positive and that is going to help that person in some or the other way. So why to waste your energy for someone else, if you could think positive about yourself and attract better things for yourself.

The Subconscious Mind has many powers and Power of Attraction is just a part of them. In Shaolin Temple, there are many Kung-Fu Masters, who have the ability to control everything they want. They could control matter around them. A person could reach to that level when they know how to use their Subconscious Mind. There was a movie called “Lucy”. It is a Sci-fi movie in which the heroine reaches to a level where she could use her brain power to 100% and at that time she could control all the matter as well as even the people around her. To watch that movie click here.

Awareness of your inner speech gives you the information you need to master your mind.

If your circumstances are not to your liking, it’s because you have been thinking and feeling in a way that has pointed your mind in a certain direction, and that is where your life is headed! So when you become aware of the nature of your inner speech, you can imprint new programming and totally change the direction of your life.

Meditation is the best way to become attuned to your inner world and the images you paint.

A daily meditation practice can transform your life, as you become aware of this inner world, master your mind and reprogram your dominant thoughts. You might be amazed at how many thoughts you habitually think are actually driving you away from what you want. But by daily practice, you can imprint the right programming.

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Here are some brief recommendations to help you use your subconscious power for your best:

  1.  Before going to bed, refer to your subconscious mind with a specific request and soon you will see its miraculous power in action.
  2. Anything that is captured in your subconscious mind will directly affect you in the form of emotions, circumstances and events. Therefore, you need to watch closely what thoughts and ideas govern your mind.
  3. When you have a specific goal or dream, consciously repeat this statement: I believe that the power of the subconscious, which gave me this desire, will embody it in me now.”
  4. Stress, anxiety and fear can disrupt the natural rhythm of breathing, heart rate and work of any other part of the body. Cultivate in your subconscious mind thoughts of health, peace and harmony, and all the functions of the body will return to normal.
  5. Fill your subconscious with expectations of the best experiences and emotions, and your thoughts will become a reality.
  6. Imagine a positive outcome of your problems, fully feel the enthusiasm from what has happened. All your fantasies and feelings are clearly accepted by your subconscious and then implemented in life.

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These are some of the ideas which could help you a lot to increase the power of your Subconscious Mind as well as you could get the control of it.

If you have any doubts then let me know about it in the comments. 


8 thoughts on “How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

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    1. I am using WordPress only for operating this blog. There are only two famous platforms for blogging, and they are WordPress and Blogspot. If you compare these two platforms, then you’ll notice that WordPress is a clear winner due to its SEO rankings. You can try out purchasing security offered during domain purchase for enhanced security from hackers.


  2. i need one help. i want to pass the NTSE exam .i’m in class10 can u pls tell me ?if i imagine that every night prior to sleep ,will it really happen??????? i also have one book relatedto this. and i found this website so useful thanks

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    1. Law of attraction would definitely do it’s work of you are positive about it, but you also need to work hard in that path to make it happen.
      Thank you so much for the positive response.


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