Law of Karma

There are many laws made in this world. Law of Cause and Effect states that what you sow is what you would receive. This is a universal law which is usually known by all. Let us understand the meaning of this law. It means that whatever you would do in the present life would affect your future. It is simple that if you are sowing an apple seed in the ground then you would have an apple tree after years and not a mango tree. If you work hard today, then only you will have a happy tomorrow.

Everyone would have heard about the word Karma in their life and I have seen many people writing “Karma believer” in their profiles and at different places but do they even know the real meaning of it. Let us know.

What is Karma?


Karma is a Sanskrit word which means actions. It is a philosophical concept which came to be known by the teachings of Buddha. Karma could be called equivalent to Newton’s third law – “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Whenever we take any action, we initiate a force which would react accordingly. There could be a change in the force but it is not possible to stop that force. This could be called the simple definition of Karma.

After knowing what is Karma, now let us know about the law of Karma.

Law of Karma

A person cannot escape from his own actions. Whatever he has done in the past is going to come towards him in the future and there is no way to stop it. It only depends on one thing and that is whether he himself has created the situations or not. Karma is the reflection of our own works and actions. 

For example-
If we help a person to understand something then that is a good work. We are doing something good for the other person selflessly. Karma will act on it and the reflection would also be good. But if we do something bad to others, then Karma would do the same to us.

Karma plays by its own rules. There is not something like a rulebook. A simple rule which everyone knows but very less follow is – “Do good to others and Karma will be good to you.” 


Theory of Karma

images (1).jpg

Karma will act in your life even if you do not believe in it. It is not possible for a person to escape from Karma because he cannot escape from his own actions. Karma can be divided into two types – Good Karma and Bad Karma. It is up to us what we choose to have in our life.

How to achieve Good Karma?

  • Stay positive
  • Be responsible for your own actions
  • Humans tend to make mistakes but what is important is to correct them.
  • Spread knowledge and love.
  • Share what you have in access.
  • Forgive others.

How to avoid Bad Karma?

There is no general definition of this. Any action which makes you feel guilty or hurt is bad karma. When your conscience feels pain and unworthiness then that action is bad karma. To avoid bad karma, one should act without seeking the results of it. One should never surrender themselves to the enjoyment and desires of our own senses.

Is it possible to escape from Karma?

Yes, it is possible to escape from Karma. Anyone who wishes to escape the karmic cycle has to take the same steps as Buddha. Karma does not affect a Yogi. When a person becomes Yogi, he would stop making karmic seeds but he would have to live out his karma till that time of life.

Our intentions are very important while doing any work. If we do it with bad intentions then Karma would work accordingly. Karma is related to actions and actions are related to happenings of life. If an action is positive then that would give you happiness but if an action is negative then that would give you suffering. It is you who choose the actions and karma will depend on these actions.

Karma never fails to act. Sometimes it may take time, but it never forgets to act in one’s life. Everyone wishes to attain Salvation but it is only possible by performing Good Karma in life and it would also help you attain inner peace. 


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