Animal Spirit

There is a link between humans and animals, and we are well aware of it since our childhood. Humans are considered to be evolved from Apes. This is the relation which we are all aware of. Today I will tell you about some other connection.

Humans could be related to animals with Animal Spirits. Now, what is Animal Spirit?


The term ‘Animal Spirit’ has been derived from a Latin word ‘spiritus animalis.’ Animal Spirits could be called a similarity which people have made between animals and humans. The term ‘Animal Spirit’ was used by John Maynard Keynes who is a British economist. He used this word to explain the decisions which are based on financial and buying something and its uncertainty.

Animal Spirits could describe human emotion. It refers to the spirit or fluid which is present in the nerve cells of the brain.

The term Animal Spirits is used in literary culture and is referred to as states of physical courage and exuberance. Animal Spirits is much used in financial markets. But that is not all.

By knowing about a person’s animal spirit, you could know a lot about that person. Each and every animal spirit refers to some qualities of life, and sometimes you could even judge that the spirit of a person would be this particular one based on their behavior and activities.

Let us talk about a few of the animal spirits and its qualities.

  • Chameleon:


    This spirit gives people the awareness about themselves. The people possessing the spirit of Chameleon are very sensitive and are often able to see auras around people. The people having this spirit should always trust what they sense or feel. Chameleon’s color change ability symbolize the uncertainty of fortune and inconstancy of life. Its eyes could see both the past and the future which gives the people possessing this spirit, the power of clairvoyance.

  • Dragon:

    11742634 - dragon

    A person possessing the spirit of Dragon, he would have lived in the time when spiritual practices were predominant. It is very rare to find a younger soul possessing the spirit of Dragon. Spirit of Dragon resembles spiritual powers of the change of transformation, supernatural and infinity itself. It resembles a fierce protector. 
    Dragon Spirit is further divided into the spirit according to the types of dragons.

    A Fire Dragon shows courage, enthusiasm, and vitality. He will give you the power to overcome obstacles and leadership qualities. Fire is considered to be the element of transformation so it would help you transform and also the energy around you.

    An Air Dragon shows insight, inspiration, and vitality. This totem should be treated with respect. Flashes of illumination in psyche and intellect are possible. This totem brings clarity and a solution to all kinds of problems. A person should trust his inner voice.

    An Earth Dragon brings richness, potential, and power in a person’s life. This totem shows a person his capability. With this, we can know about the power hidden inside us. He will nurture you as Mother Earth does. It lies deep in the earth and helps you collect the scattered energies.

    A Water Dragon brings connection, depth, and passion. This totem brings the memories which are hidden from us. Even after facing painful experiences, a person could achieve peace and balance in life. It gives compassion and courage. This spirit has the ability of emotional healing as it is the element of Water.

  • Lion:


    This spirit resembles sun and gold. Always keep your dignity maintained and your head high. You are powerful than you think and Lion gives you emotional as well as physical strength. There is an ocean of courage inside you. It tells you to take the easy way to achieve your goals. Lion totem leads your trust towards intuition, imagination, and creativity. Always follow your heart.

  • Monkey:

    download (1)

    The spirit of Monkey resembles the dark side of humans. It also holds the right key to living which is to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. The ability to see both the light and the dark will give strength. Monkey totem is imaginative and creative. It will help you know more about the wisdom of the ancient and also study human species. It gives you inspiration when you require it the most.

  • Pegasus:


    This spirit is a symbol of glory, inspiration, and knowledge. Since ancient times, Pegasus is considered to be a symbol of speed, imagination, and power. It resembles the quality of transforming evil into good. It has great powers of natural forces. Pegasus also symbolizes immortality of the soul and also the protector of the soul during its journey to the astral plane. It teaches boundaries and humility.

  • Phoenix:

    download (2)

    It is known as the keeper of the creation of fire. This spirit resembles death, rebirth, transformation, and regeneration. This totem gives you hope when you are in the middle of despair. It helps you to transform your life into something pure and brings you closer towards spirituality.  When you are in some tragic situations, call the Phoenix for renewed energy and strength. Phoenix symbolizes the sun which means dying every night and getting rebirth at dawn. The Chinese people believe that it has been sent to Earth to help mankind and they call it Feng-Huang.


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