Indian Education System VS Education System of Other Countries


It is crucial for people to understand that education is considered to be one of the basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. People are supposed to pay attention to the education of their children no matter they belong to whatever religion, class or race. There is no partiality in education. There is no such law passed that education would not be provided to the people of a particular religion. But still, at some places, people hesitate in giving education to their children.

There are many things that we are going to discuss like the Indian education system, foreign country’s education system and the difference between them.


In India, first of all, education is not provided to everyone. People living in rural areas are not educated because of income issues. In some areas, girls are not given education by saying that they should focus on the kitchen and household works. This should not be the scenario. It is the right of every child to get an education. They could not be denied of it. Many laws have also been made by the government for it.

There are many loopholes in the Indian Education System which are needed to be solved. Our education system is not at all reliable and is very less helpful to the people. On the other hand when we look at the education system of other countries then we feel that they have a pretty amazing system.

What happens in India is that when a kid goes to school, he is taught from the basics. Usually, a student would know about his hobby and interest in 5th grade. When the child is sure that he/she wants to go ahead in that field then why is it necessary for him to study all the other subjects for so many years. Instead, they should allow him to focus only on that subject and excel in it. Due to this, the child has to study the subjects which he is least bothered about because they are of no use to him. Just imagine that if a child wishes to go in the field of Computer Engineering then what is the need for him to study Physics and Chemistry. It is just a wastage of time and brain. By studying all these extra subjects a time comes when he actually gets to study computers, he gets bored because now he is fed up of studying.


In other countries the scenario is different. For example, in Japan, the kids are allowed to create an interest in whichever field they like till 4th grade. After that, they are made to move in that field and they need not study anything other than that. No doubt if they want to get knowledge about some other subject, then they are free to do so. But this helps the child develop great precision and accuracy in that particular field.

In India, the people only look at grades and not at the level of knowledge. Students who don’t have the knowledge try to get grades by cheating because everyone is only looking at grades. They do not see that even that dull child has some talent in some other field. Not all the people are good at studies or at sports. Some are good at cultural activities. Talent is everywhere. People just need to open their eyes and find that talent.

According to the education system, a student is considered pass if the score is above 33%, but he wouldn’t get a nice job in the company unless and until he has got 70%. Why are there such laws? If it is like this then they should keep 70% as passing so that at least the student will try harder just to pass.

The education system in foreign countries is much better because they not only look at the grades but also at the talent. Even if a person has low grades, but if he/she has got some talent which they need, then that person is hired.

We see that the people in foreign are inventing new things daily and are working on many amazing projects. It is because they are working on the things which they like. If a person is told to keep on working on something that he hates then he would get frustrated within a few minutes. But if you give the same work to someone who loves it then he wouldn’t get tired even after hours.

4 thoughts on “Indian Education System VS Education System of Other Countries

  1. akashsuri01

    I sort of disagree with one of your points. You said that if a person wants to study a particular field then why should he study the other subjects but think about it this way, you’re studying something like mechanical engineering and you’re being taught about civil engineering you would say that it’s not necessary to study about it but it matters more than you think. You being taught about civil will be used even in mechanical as well. And the knowledge about civil will be useful whenever you are buying a house in near future. This is all just for an example. If you ever see how ignorant people from first world countries are about countries other than theirs whereas we are taught about other cultures of the world I am not saying I entirely support the Indian education system but yes it’s still not all bad. So you cannot just say that the foreign education system is entirely better than Indian education system.

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    1. I agree to your point. I believe that it is better at some points but not all. And yes it’s true that in India people get to learn about other fields also which is a benefit sometimes but not every time. Both the system have advantages as well as disadvantages.


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