Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a term which originally refers to Chinese Martial Arts and it is also known as Wushu and Quanfa. The real meaning of Kung Fu can be explained as a skill or discipline which is achieved after a lot of patience and hard work.

Kung Fu is a category of Martial Arts. To know more about Martial Arts you can check my blog post related to Martial Arts.

Kung Fu can be divided into several forms like Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, etc. These are the different styles of Kung Fu and each style has its own way of practice as well as its own rules. Out of these styles, Shaolin Kung Fu is the most famous.

Let us know more about the main 3 styles of Kung Fu.

  1. Shaolin Kung Fu:

    Shaolin Kung Fu

    Shaolin is considered to be the foundation of Kung Fu. Shaolin temple in China is known as the place where Kung Fu was born. Shaolin Kung Fu is the combination of Zen Buddhism and Martial Arts.
    Bodhidharma is believed to be the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu. According to sayings, Bodhidharma tried to teach Martial Arts in India but he was not valued and hence he went to China and taught Shaolin Kung Fu. Bodhidharma had the knowledge of controlling the 5 elements also. He had an excellent knowledge of Ayurveda.
    Later on, Shaolin Kung Fu became famous because of the great Bruce Lee. He was a martial artist as well as an actor. He had worked in many films and according to the sayings, his Nunchaku movements were so quick that the camera-men had to slow down the movements so that it could be visible. He became a pioneer of Shaolin Kung Fu.
    To know more about Shaolin Kung Fu and its benefits visit here.

  2. Wing Chun:


    Wing Chun

    Wing Chun is a Kung Fu style for close range combats. It is a combat style in which fast-moving blows are placed on vital positions like chest, neck, groin, and belly.
    Wing Chun is performed with relaxation and softness in the technique. Softness is fundamental of Wing Chun.
    Wing Chun became famous because of IP Man. If a person thinks that fighting with softness makes the attacks weak then that person is absolutely wrong. Wing Chun maintains a person’s flexibility and softness but when that person strikes back then that power is never weak. Wing Chun is more like Bamboo.
    In Wing Chun the postures are not given so much importance as the body is allowed to move freely and with gentleness but like an iron when it is the time of attacking.
    To know more about Wing Chun and its benefits, visit here.

  3. Tai Chi:


    Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is an internal Chinese Martial Arts form which is practiced for defense training as well as because of its health benefits. Tai chi is also known as Taiji which refers to the philosophy of forces of ying and yang.
    It is also practiced for some other reasons like a demonstration competition, a competitive wrestling which is in the format of pushing hands (Tui Shou) and for the achievement of longevity.
    Taiji training revolves around five elements which are:-
    Taolu which means solo hand and weapons form.
    Neigong and Qigong which is basically meditation and breathing movement exercises.
    Tuishou which refers to the response drills.
    San shou which means techniques for self-defense.
    For more information about Taichi and its benefits visit here.

    Shaolin Temple in China is a place where all the types of Kung Fu are taught. In Shaolin Temple, the disciples have to live there and take the course. Masters who are expert in that particular field will teach all the disciples in traditional ways. Shaolin Temple is a place which would help a person to remove evils from within. The training at Shaolin Temple is not easy but the people who acquire training from here are free from evils of mind, and there is a lot of transformation in that person.

    Kung Fu does not have only health benefits. There is a growth in a person’s mental ability and activeness when he/she takes training in Shaolin. To know more about the benefits of Kung Fu visit http://shaolinwarriormartialarts.com/kung-fu-training-benefits/

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