History, Types and Examples of Artificial Intelligence


Before going towards the history of AI, let us know what exactly AI is. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new step in technology where computers and machines will possess human intelligence. Main concepts in AI are learning (analyzing the data and information), reasoning (making arguments and giving explanations for the answers) and self-correction. A person would think that how would it be possible for the machines or computers to perform these tasks but with the help of AI, they can.

History of Artificial Intelligence

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined for the first time by John McCarthy at Dartmouth Conference in 1956. At that time it had been introduced just as a concept and thinking, but now it is the reality. It is a part in the automation as well robotics.

People researched a lot to develop algorithms which could solve patterns and mathematical problems. Scientists worked to develop Machine Learning Robots. The scientists of Japan were successful in building the first humanoid robot which had its own intelligence in 1972 which was named ‘WABOT-1’. 



Many efforts were made to create machines that could solve algorithms and could act as an opponent in games like chess and checkers. Many scientists were successful also in their projects. But later on, there were no funds provided by the government for further research on AI. The history of AI is intense, and there is much more to it. There were many successful projects as well as many failures. But in the end, the present and the future says that AI is going to be the new trend. To know more about the history of AI visit here.

Types Of AI

There are many ways to categorize AI. The primary classification of AI is of two types.

  1. Weak AI:
    Narrow AI is the other name of Weak AI. The simple meaning of Weak AI is a machine or system that has been developed to perform a single task.
    For example- Virtual Personal Assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are Weak AI.
  2. Strong AI:
    The other name of Strong AI is Artificial General Intelligence. It is a system of AI with some human cognitive abilities so that when they are presented with any task which they are not familiar of, the system could find a solution.
    For example- The Turing Test which was developed by great mathematician Alan Turing in the year 1950 was used to know whether a computer can think like humans.

In another way, AI can be classified into 4 types. They are as follows:

  1. Reactive Machines:
    It is the most basic type of AI system. It analyses the current situation and then acts accordingly. It does not possess any memory. Due to this, it cannot store past experiences and use it in future decisions. It can specify only in one area.
    For example- Google’s AlphaGo which won over human champions in Go.


  2. Limited Memory:
    This is an evolved version of AI than Reactive Machines. It has a limited amount of memory to store past information and use it in the future. It only has that much memory so that it could execute actions and make proper decisions.
    For example- Self-driving vehicles.
  3. Theory of Mind:
    This new AI system could understand human feelings, emotions as well as human behavior. The new class of AI systems would be a system that could interact socially and comprehend human intentions, motives, feelings and also expectations.
    For example- C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars Universe.

    C-3P0 from Star Wars Universe
  4. Self-Aware:
    This type of AI systems could form representations about themselves and they are aware of their own state and could even predict the feelings of others. They are believed to be the future of the machine world.
    For example- Eva in the 2015 movie Ex Machina.

To know in detail about the types of AI, visit here.

Now let us move to the examples of AI.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been used in various fields and various technologies. Let us discuss a few examples.

  • Automation:
    When a robot is programmed to perform repetitive tasks that a human has to do, it is known as robotic process automation (RPA). IT automation is different from RPA because IT automation can adapt to the changing circumstances.
  • Machine Learning:
    It is the concept where a computer can act without programming it. The best example to understand Machine Learning is Deep Learning. Its simple explanation could be given as automation of predictive analysis. There are further sub-types on the basis of Machine Learning algorithm.
  • Machine Vision:
    It is a technology where computers are given the eyes to see. It captures visual information with the help of a camera and then analyzes it. Often there are comparisons made between Machine Vision and human eyesight. But Machine Vision is a vast concept as it can even see through walls. It is used in applications for medical image analysis as well as signature identification.
  • Self-driving Cars:
    The concept of self-driven cars is a combination of various parts of AI. It uses deep learning, computer vision, and image recognition to make an automated car. It uses these skills to avoid obstructions like pedestrians. Tesla is working on Driverless Cars and make the transportation automated.

There are many more examples of AI as well as many applications where AI is used. With the increase of AI systems, there would be many changes in the job sector for people. Soon the people are going to become slaves of technology with the development of AI, Machine Learning and also Robotics.

To know about the applications of AI and the st news of AI, read the future articles on the blog.


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