Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The world is bound by technology and there is no end to it. Technology has been advancing in each and every field. There are new technologies available in the market every day. The latest and the most trending technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a very wide concept and what is happening in today’s world is just the beginning of AI.

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Let us discuss a few real-time applications of AI which are currently prevailing in the world.

  1. A chef with the highest number of recipes in the world

    This is a very unique thing about which we are going to discuss. Just imagine having a virtual chef by your side when you are cooking. A chef that would help you make a delicious dish which you never even thought about.
    Chef Watson’s AI will help a person to make a dish according to the ingredients which you are having or on the basis of something that you are craving for. The algorithm will go through the ingredients which you possess and then also go through the dishes which could be prepared using them. Later on, it would provide you with the options of various dishes and also the instructions for preparing it.

  2. Self-driving Cars

    Uber Self-driving Car

    This is a concept which is going to be very successful in the near future. Driverless car or we can say a self-driving car is running without a driver and it works only on the basis of automotive learning and artificial intelligence.
    The first model of self-driven car was launched by Tesla. Even Cadillac, Volvo and Audi companies are working on this project and developing their own models.

  3. The Fortuneteller


    Soon there would be a time when AI will know more about people than the people themselves. AI has the power to tell whether a person is straight or gay. According to an algorithm at Stanford University, there is an accuracy of 81% for men and 74% for women to identify whether they are straight or gay.
    Recently Facebook has been using AI bots that could save the life of people with suicidal tendencies. These AI bots are able to detect the people having suicidal tendencies based on their posts and activities on Facebook. Till now this technology has identified more than 100 such cases.
    If a person is thinking about quitting the current job then this would be known by the AI before the HR. IBM has found a solution to this issue that uses predictive analytics to identify any personal problems in a person’s life. Basically, this program finds out some of the common factors which make their staff members quit the job.

  4. Click photographs and make them purchases


    Sometimes it happens that you like something and then you take a photo of it to find it online or somewhere else for buying it.
    Amazon has made this process easier. It has created a visual search option in its mobile application. You just have to take a photo and then Amazon will show that exact product or something similar to it.

  5. The Smart Investor


    In the year 2009, the director of Quid AI, Bob Goodson was challenged by Ira Sages from the BusinessWeek magazine to make a computer program that would make a list of 50 companies which no one would have heard about and then make it the most successful startups.
    After a period of 8 years, Goodson and his machine were tested. It was found that the companies chosen by the machine were Spotify, Evernote, Zynga, Palantir, Etsy, OPower and also Cloudera. These companies are now worth billions of dollars.

  6. Superhuman Doctor


    AI is not only efficient in saving the ecosystem but it is also very helpful in saving the lives of humans. With the help of AI and deep learning, doctors are able to treat cancer before it gets too late.
    A Chinese startup named Infervision uses deep leaning and face recognition technology to diagnose the possible signs of lung cancer with the help of X-rays.

  7. Is there any life on other planets?

    download (1)

    NASA is using AI to look for life on other planets. AI is going to be the main concept which will be used for the “Mars 2020” mission where the entire red planet is going to be explored.
    The devices which NASA is going to send are known as rovers and they will help to explore Mars thoroughly and in more detail to find the possibility of life with more certainty.

  8. Marketing Guru


    AI has become a very important component in the field of marketing and retailing. With the help of machine learning and AI, the audience which is most profitable for a particular advertisement could be found. Algorithms are able to predict, learn and detect the types of users that are profitable to the ad.
    Many intelligent tools are being created in the field of content marketing that does the work of creating contents. Gartner had predicted that about 20% of content would be created by machines by 2018. Now there are many articles on the internet which are written by AI.
    Some of the famous organizations like Forbes, Reuters, BBC and New York Times are already using AI to publish the daily news contents.

  9. Chatbots

    download (3)
    H&M Chatbot

    This is a very important feature because it has made a lot of work easier for people. It could solve the queries of the customers. The new chatbots which are enhanced with AI are able to answer open questions with the use of natural language and automatic learning to respond in a way like humans.
    Brands like H&M and Sephora use chatbots which serves the customers as sales consultants and they are very efficient.

  10. In charge of Accounting and Finance


    Smacc is a tool that applies AI in the areas of accounting and finance. You just need to upload your receipts and this platform will convert them into a format legible for computers, then encrypt them and put it into your account. It even has the capability to learn to monitor the sales, invoices, and costs.

AI has been advancing in every field and soon there will be a time when every device would be running with the help of AI and the entire world will be automated.

AI is going to bring a lot of changes in the entire world and there are going to be a lot of job replacements due to the introduction of AI in various fields. To know more about the job replacements due to AI, stay tuned for the further updates in the upcoming posts.

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