What is the force that binds humans? MUST READ!!

The strongest and the most basic force which binds humans is Love. Love is everywhere around us. Love is not only among couples. There is love even in the care of a mother. People of today’s age have a very mixed up concept about love which needs a path towards truth.

Life is never the same from the time a person falls in love. Love is the best feeling and to read more about it visit my blog post about LOVE. Life is incomplete without love but for some, it is not even complete.


Falling in love with a person is easy but staying in love with that same person is difficult. Human minds tend to get attracted to some person of opposite gender very easily but that connection and that feeling are not the same every time. Sometimes it may be that you not only get attracted but also feel like you want to be with that person.

Today’s generation has become of the kind that they never know what true love is. They just follow the trend and blindly trust their attractions. They don’t know the difference between the two words- Like and Love. Nowadays the proposals are only based on liking and attraction. A boy would approach a girl and say, “I Like You“. And then she says yes or no. But that is not the real proposal. Those 3 words are meant to be “I Love You“. But today’s generation doesn’t consider the idea of falling in love.

The youth today only express their feelings to do some time pass. For them, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is like something to show off. True love is very rare to find in today’s world. People are full of fakeness. There are no real feelings.

People think that love is what we see in movies but that is 100% fake according to me. That is pure acting and nothing else. Some people fall in love and expect the things that are happening in a movie to happen with them also. Due to this reason, a relationship becomes a failure.

The real path of love is to have an understanding between with each other. It is necessary to give time to attain a perfect relationship and to know each other well. Love is not something which could be understood very easily. Love cannot sustain without feelings. A relationship without feelings is simply a time pass.

When a person gives time in a relationship and understands each other, feelings are strengthened and this brings happiness in the life of that couple. But let me tell you that it requires time. These three things are required the most in love. After these things, comes the other requirements in love. 

The most important thing required in love is accepting. Both the boy and the girl should be ready to accept each other in front of the entire world. It is said that God helps them those who help themselves. If a couple is ready to accept their love in front of the world then God is there to help them and they do not need to fear even from the families. 


There are many great sayings about love in Hindi. Here is a famous saying which was said by Krishna about love.


“Jab prem mein moh aa jaaye to wo swarth ban jata hain. Isiliye prem ko moh se dur rakhiye. Jo prem karta hain wo kabhi safalta mein rukawat nahi banta.”

The simple meaning of this saying is that when fascination comes in love, it becomes selfishness. Love has to be kept away from fascination and love is not something which comes in the way of a person’s success.

Another famous saying of Krishna is – 

“Sambandh banane maati par likhne jitna saral hota hain aur sambandh nibhana paani par likhne jitna kathin.”

It means that it is very easy to start a relationship but it is really very difficult to maintain a relationship in a proper way.

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