What is the Starting Point of all Achievements?

In your life, you would definitely dream about various things and goals to achieve. The scenario in most of the people’s lives is that some of these goals are achieved while some of them are lost in life. Now here is the reason or we can say the start that you should have to achieve any goal in life.

The starting point or the main thing which is required to achieve anything significant or even a small thing in life is Desire. It is necessary to have the feeling of desire in your mind to achieve any particular goal in life. If you don’t have the desire, then there is no use of ideas and money in that goal.


Here is a reference from a historical event. It is when fire struck in the entire Chicago in October 1871. This was the time when whole Chicago was filled with terror and the entire city was in remains.


In the morning after the great Chicago Fire, a group of merchants stood on state street looking at the smoking remains of what had been to their stores. They held a conference to discuss whether they should try to rebuild or they should leave Chicago and start over in a more promising section of the country. Except for one person, all of them reached a decision of living the country and starting over at some place else.

The merchant who decided to stay and rebuild in Chicago pointed the finger at the remains of the store and said, “Gentlemen, on that very spot I will build the world’s greatest store, no matter how many times it may burn down.”

In the 19th century, that person proved himself and built a towering monument at the same place where he had pointed his finger. This monument was the power of that state of mind, and it was known as Burning Desire.


Burning Desire

Even the marshal field could have decided to leave the place like his fellow merchants. But he was among the 2 of the 100 peoples who took a harder path and succeeded in any undertaking.

To have a strong burning desire, we must have faith to win in any circumstance and compete with ourselves to get closer to our goals. Every great fortune’s starting point has been a desire, an idea and an unwavering faith to achieve that desire.


But in this world of distractions, many of the geniuses stay undiscovered either by themselves or by others. This desire asks you for no big wealth and no hard labor, but it only asks for an open mind and enthusiasm to achieve the desire. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. So believe in the impossible as the word itself says I m possible.

In this world full of comparisons and jealousy you just need to love yourself, believe in yourself, compete with yourself and you are halfway there.

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