How to be the smartest guy in the room? Part 2

In the 1st part of this topic, we had discussed a few ways to become the smartest guy in the room. Today, we are going to know more about a few more techniques and ways to become the smartest guy in the room. To read the 1st part of this article click here.

As we had said earlier, smartness is being measured by knowledge. Knowledge is required, but it is not the sole thing necessary. Let us know more about this topic.


This part of exercise has come into scrutiny for some time but it had been proved to effective earlier, and it could make a lot of difference. According to a report that had been published in the Journal of January 2014, there was a test made on adults for 10 hours of brain training. It was shocking that it affected their performance and ability to do those tasks after 10 years with the help of speed of processing and also reasoning.


It is always going to remain that the abilities are going to get increased with the help of training. The same is here.


The biggest thing necessary for gaining knowledge is curiosity. Curiosity will lead us on a path to find the answers of questions that arise in our mind, and that makes us smarter.


You should read to the ideas of different people every day and think from their viewpoint also even though they are different then your opinion. If you learn to understand the opposing viewpoints, then that would help you to analyze the situations in different manners which is a significant part in intelligence.



We are often afraid to ask questions because we are thinking about what people might be thinking if we ask this question. It is often found that the person who asks questions is the smartest because he admits that he does not have all the answers and he is ready to find those answers. This increases his knowledge and the level of smartness. It does not make you dumb if you ask even silly questions. 


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One cannot stay at one level for the entire life. Advancing further is necessary. So, generate as many ideas as you can. Do not think about what ideas they are and how are they going to be helpful. Just generate more and more. Because in the end, you would be able to assess them and find those ideas which you require. And who knows, you might even find that one biggest idea which you need among those ones.


You should give some time to simmer your thoughts and incubate them as creativity takes time. One should tackle problems by working on it, then generating some new ideas and then walking away from that problem. Do not think about that problem for sometime after leaving it behind. Then you would be able to see the power of your subconscious mind. You would get to know what it could do when you leave a problem unattended.

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This could be handy to become the smartest guy in the room. These techniques are not very easy to apply. You need to use your brain and then your smartness.

You should always stay hungry to learn more and more and new things every day. This will help you progress every day.

If you think that you are the smartest person in the room, then change the room and be at a place where there are more smarter people. This will increases your level, and one day you would again be the smartest person in that room too. So, its time to again change the room.


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