Everything you need to know in 2019 to achieve your goals

Firstly, to achieve whatever you desire, your desire must be mixed with faith. A faith to achieve it, faith to fulfill it and that’s how fortunes are made. In this era, a major villain that obstructs us to achieve our fate are “distractions”.


Focusing on people around us and to what they are doing and achieving, usage of social media and discouragement are all forms of distractions. These are feelings which start as a seed and grows like a tree if not treated sooner. Distractions causes you fear which leads to anxiety and thus drains you out of the energy that should have been used to attain your goals.


In this process, we need to achieve self-mastery and just run our own race. It cultivates that positive feeling required to achieve your stake. A major distraction for us is staying in the future.


Most people in the world are not aware of the power of present! It’s like thinking of the top of the mountain and never climbing. To achieve whatever we desire, we must stay in our present, embrace our journey and stay motivated by the future.

What’s the solution to self-mastery?


The solution is simple. You just need to find out what you love to do, what you are passionate about and give your total energy to attain that without procrastinating. If you desire to be a singer ask yourself who is the legend in that field and how can I beat him? It’s simple as said but tougher when executed. You need to believe in your guts, believe in yourself and give your best shot until you reach your goal.


Actor Ranveer Singh once said in his interview that “I was amazed when I saw an actor acting in front of the camera and on that day I decided that’s where I desire to be!”. His desire was not a wish but a goal from which he never pulled his eye off. That’s where his journey started. He never moved his eyes out of his goals, focused on himself and improved his arsenal to such a point that the whole country loves him.


Henry Ford thought of a horse-less cart and published his first ever engine-car, and undoubtedly Ford Motorworks are great.

Fortunes created are created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. There is a famous saying – “Fake it before you make it”. We need to find out what we are really passionate of, make your desire into its physical equivalent by giving it a deadline, and never ever give up until you achieve it.


Marking one more example of the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. He used to keep on practicing by keeping a photo of legendary Don Bradman and focused on every possible way to become the best batsman of the world.

Again, if you need to achieve immense success in your own field you must leave no source of excuses and distractions must be blurred against your well-defined goals. Use every day to move forward towards them and compete against yourself. In this way, you would achieve whatever you desire and whatever you would have ever thought of. Just begin and stay inspired.

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