How to control someone?

Today I am going to teach you a few techniques with the help of which you can get into someone’s mind and control them. Everyone would like to control others and make them do whatever you want. So read this article carefully.

What I am going to talk about today is Hypnotism.

What is Hypnotism?

Hypnosis is a state of awareness of sleep when your subconscious or we can say unconscious mind becomes highly active. Hypnosis is found to be a tremendous psychic ability to command and also the skill of casting faithful impressions on others. The process of Hypnosis is known as Hypnotism.


Some people might be thinking that hypnotism is a bad thing and people use it to harm others, but that is not true. Hypnotism is a tool for self-healing also. This is also known as self-hypnosis. In this process, your subconscious mind becomes active, and you are made to focus on a particular thought. Hypnosis is a psychic art which is performed by a hypnotist with the help of some specific hypnotism techniques.

Act of Hypnotism

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All the orders of the hypnotist will be followed by a subject that is hypnotized. In magic shows you might have seen that a magician hypnotizes a boy and orders him to act like a girl or an animal and that boy would start reacting like a girl or an animal. The boy will mentally turn himself into that particular character. Hypnotism is a way to influence a person’s mind and his thoughts.

Now let us discuss the process of hypnosis.

How to do Hypnotism?

Before knowing about the process of hypnosis, you must keep in mind that there are various tips and tricks for learning hypnosis. If you wish to hypnotize someone, then apply this process.

Find a subject whom you wish to hypnotize. Tell him to lay down on the bed or sit on a chair. Instruct the subject to relax the body. Tell the subject to clear his mind and forget about the worldly things and take a deep breath. Now you have to slack the hypnotized person and make an illusion in front of his/her eyes with the help of a pendulum or an illusion circle. While presenting the illusion, start speaking the hypnotism speech in a very solemn sound.


What is the Hypnosis Speech Text?

Here is the entire speech which you should speak while holding the illusion in front of the subject during the process of hypnotism.


“Look at this pendulum continuously without blinking your eyes… do not take your eyes from this pendulum… focus on the movement of the pendulum… your eyes are getting stressed but do not take your eyes from the pendulum… now you are feeling that your body is getting relaxed… you are not able to move your body, and only your eyes are moving… now you want to sleep… so close your eyes… go for a sleep… I am going to count from one to ten, and you have to concentrate on this… with each counting, your sleep will become deeper and deeper… 10…9…8… go to deep sleep…5…4…3… sleep…1… now you are in a deep sleep. Now follow my orders… when I count from 1 to 10 and when I say 10, you have to wake up and open your eyes slowly and relax for a while.”

Above is the speech which could be used for performing the hypnosis process. You can change this speech as per your wish but keep the sequence as it is.

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This article was all about controlling someone with the help of Hypnotism. Stay tuned for the next article in which I will be discussing about some Hypnotism techniques, tips, and tricks.

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