What are the basics of food diet? Part 2

In the previous topic “Basics of the food diet” we discussed the negative calories and opposite combination of foods to be prevented in order to get the complete nutrition of your diet and we are here again with an interesting topic. Here we would discuss the best time and the worst time to eat your favorite foods and the best combination to pair your food with.

Best time to eat different foods

Here the best time to eat different foods refers to when your body is susceptible to digest that food.
1) Banana
Best time: Afternoon
Results: Strengthen digestion
Worst time: Dinner
Results: Mucus formation

2) Walnuts

Best time: Evening
Results: Rich in omega-3 and antioxidants which improves brain health
Worst time: Morning and night
Results: Body cannot absorb its richness

3) Apple
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Best time: Morning
Results: Antioxidant-rich fruit works best in the morning
Worst time: Night
Results: Disrupts digestion

4) Milk

Best time: Night
Results: Improves digestion and improves sleep
Worst time: Morning
Results: Too heavy to be digested and disrupts digestion

5) Dark Chocolate
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Best time: Morning
Results: Anti-aging rich minerals get activated when eaten in the morning
Worst time: Evening and night
Results: Increases body fat

6) Cheese
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Best time: Early morning
Results: Prevents weight gain and its advantages can be obtained at early morning
Worst time: Night
Results: Heavy to digest and leads to fat gain.

Other foods to propose at early morning are Figs, apricots, curd (lunchtime), oranges(noon) and foods to propose at night are pulses, beans, milk, boiled foods, and different veggies.

Now, perfect combinations of foods that your body will thank you for are:
1) Banana and Yogurt
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This duo is best after your workout and it maximizes muscle repairing glucose and amino acids in the body.
2) Green tea and Lemon
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This is a common duo but its advantages are blissful. It helps in cell repairing and fat loss.
3) Spinach and Broccoli
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Combination of iron-rich foods with a high amount of Vitamin-C helps in iron absorption which results in hair growth and face glow.
4) Apples and Dark Chocolate
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This is a powerful duo and it helps in reducing heart problems and it improves the circulation of blood in the body. It also helps in curing mood swings.
5) Peanuts and Whole Wheat
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Peanut butter and whole wheat bread help in muscle formation and fat loss. Its one of the best pre-workout foods. It should be eaten moderately. Once a day.

Other combinations include turmeric and black pepper, tomatoes and broccoli, almonds and yogurt, eggs and cantaloupe, oatmeal and orange juice(without sugar). To know more check out our previous blog of “How to get a good physique without going to gym.”

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