What is the energy around humans?

Humans are very much interested in knowing what is around them. This has brought the humans in discovering something new which is Aura. This is a vast concept, and there are different theories about Aura in the entire world. Let us, first of all, know what Aura is.

What is Aura?

The other name for Aura is the human energy field. According to the beliefs of the New Age, Aura is a colored emanation which is said to be enclosing any human body, animal or object. In scientific language, Aura is believed to be the energy field around human bodies and all the living beings.


In the modern age, an aura is seen as hidden anatomy that affects the health of a person, and it is understood to compromise the center of vital force called chakra. Science does not believe in it. The concept of aura is related to pseudoscience. Many scientific experiments have been performed until now, but there are no positive results found for the ability to see an aura.


History of Aura

The concept of Aura was first made popular by Charles Leadbeater who was a priest of the church in England. Leadbeater had studied theosophy in India. He claimed that most of the men came from Mars and the more advanced men came from Moon. He had made many investigations and presented his theories about chakra in his books.

Aura is not something in which everyone believes. Some people say that it is all a myth, but auras are real. There is an energy field around us. Aura affects the life of a human in many ways.

There are two types of auras

  1. Positive Aura
  2. Negative Aura

Aura depends on the type of person you are. It could be either a positive aura or a negative aura and there would definitely an aura present.

When a person possesses positive aura, then he/she would be giving out positive vibrations, and that would make him/her happy. Positive aura will help you stay happy even in times of problems. While the person possessing a negative aura gives out negative vibrations, and he/she is always angry, sad or worried. An aura has the power of destroying a person.

How to see an Aura?

It is not easy for a person to see his own aura. It takes a lot of time, practice and meditation to feel your own aura. And seeing another person’s aura is more difficult than that because you don’t know the mental state of the other person.

What does an aura look like?

There are different theories of the appearance of the aura by different practitioners. Some say that it looks like an egg-shell around the human body while some say that it is a bubble of light which is surrounding the body.


According to some theories, there are several colors in an aura, and each color depicts different layers. These colors vary from person to person, and it represents the complexness of a person. For example, some color might be very bright in your aura which means that your energy is great while some color might be dull which shows that you are under stress or depression.

There is much more to the concept of Aura. We will discuss about what does each color represent in an aura and what does the color placement mean in an aura in the next article.

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