10 steps to radiant living and the time management principle

From Robin Sharma’s famous “The monk who sold his Ferrari” there are a lot of things worth understanding and implementing in life. Here are the ten steps to radiant living.


1) Solitude

It means spending some of your busy schedule time in silence with yourself and feeling the power of now. Spending time with yourself helps you know who you are and what your purpose is all about. Simply, to find your uniqueness.

2) Exercise

woman doing push-ups
Developing your physical posture boosts your self-esteem and undoubtedly your mental health also. Not everything but push-ups in the early morning can also do wonders to your health.
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3) Nourishment

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This clearly suggests to gift your body the best of foods. In this rushing lifestyle, our taste buds get easily tempted to the unnecessary junkies that harm the body in every possible way and drains it out of energy. And we need just 2 things to achieve our goals. Undying energy and an unwavering focus to achieve our goals.
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4) Gaining Knowledge

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Reading about 30 minutes or 10 pages of your favorite book a day can update your mind. Reading makes you experience many lives.

5) Self-Reflection

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Taking out some time of your routine you must reflect on yourself and recognize the things you may be doing subconsciously daily and make decisions on how you can improve on them.

6) Early Awakening

Now, this is a tough side, but its advantages can do wonders. The most successful people’s routine starts in the morning at 5 o’clock.

7) Music

Listening to music is a habit of all, and here it suggests you feel the music. It boosts your creative side and its one of the strongest motivations.

8) Affirmations

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Repeat this everyday “I am stronger than I seem and the energy of this universe always binds me.” These type of affirmations really make you the person you want to become.

9) Building Character

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” This master quote from Bruce Lee reminds me of none other than actor Ranveer Singh. Nobody in Bollywood has seen such a high voltage personality. So, everyone has their own purpose in this world, and you must be creative enough to find that. Comparing what others are doing and achieving can be miserable for yourself.

10) Simplicity

Love your life enough and don’t use things that you don’t need and have a simple life which is full of joy.

Now, these principles are simple when said and tough when executed. But a change is a significant part of your life, and it takes 21 days to build a habit and make it a part of your routine.

To manage your time and increase your productivity there is nothing better than the 80/20 principle. It means 80% of your outcomes result from 20% of your inputs.
You must reflect and question yourself that which 80% of your problems or desired outcomes are the result of your 20% efforts. And if the desired outcome is productive, then you must increase your focus on the same.

Just imagine if you are told that you have to submit an assignment within 2 hours anyhow, then you would do anything and get that assignment done within 2 hours and if it’s asked to be done within 60 minutes, unbelievable you would get the ultimate power to do the same. This means to complete the most desired work you must limit it to a deadline and get the most out of it.

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