How to know what the person standing in front of you is thinking about you?

It would be so much amazing if we could read other people’s minds. Some people do this with the help of intuition but what if you don’t know anything about intuition. Don’t worry. The people who are not perceptive use a different way which is reading a person with the help of his/her body language.


The body language of a person could tell you everything. According to scientific study, you can get 55% information about a person through nonverbal communication. The gestures, mimics and body movements which are made by a person will tell you about the real thinking of that person.

We are going to discuss some of the actions that you should take care of while talking with a person.

  • Eyes getting closed

    If a person is closing his or her eyes while talking to you, then it means that they are trying to hide from the world. They are, getting bored and they want to get rid of you. When they close their eyes, they find you disappeared.

  • Covering your mouth


    This is something that we used to do in childhood. When we did not want to say something, we used to keep our hand on the mouth. The same thing happens in adult life also. When a person keeps his or her hand, fist or even the fingers near the mouth then it means that they are stopping the words from coming out of their mouth. Sometimes the gesture is disguised with the help of fake coughing.

  • Bitting the arms of glasses


    If you find a person bitting the arms of glasses then support that person because he or she might be worried about something. They have some insecurity at their subconscious level. This is also indicated by chewing a pencil, pen or a cigarette.

  • Face Presentation
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    This is the gesture you could use when you want to attract a person of the opposite sex. When you put your chin on your hands, you are trying to tell the other person “This is me. You can see me as much as you want.”

  • Rubbing the chin


    This is the gesture when you are trying to come to a decision. You might be looking here and there, up and down or anywhere and you won’t even know what you are doing because you are lost into deep thinking.

  • Crossing the arms


    This is a very common gesture. Some people find it comfortable to sit in this position, and it helps them to shut themselves away from other people. This gesture is often used when are irritated with something. Crossing the arms is a clear sign that you are not feeling good about something.

  • Fixing the appearance

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    This is a gesture used when you want to impress someone. You will try to present yourself in the best way possible for you. This gesture is usually used by women who try to attract the other person. When the hands are together and falling down, it shows huge interest in the person.

  • Swinging the heels and toes


    This is not a gesture which is done by kids only. It is a gesture performed by adults also when they are anxious about something.

  • Leaning Forward

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    When a person likes someone and wants to make contact with them, they would lean forward. In this gesture, the legs could be motionless, but the body starts leaning forward intuitively.

  • Rubbing the hands


    It is believed that your hands could say a lot about what your head is thinking. The gesture of rubbing hands is used when a person has a positive feeling about something. It is done when a person is thinking about some of the future benefits.

These were some of the gestures which could tell you what a person is thinking. Everything discussed above comes under Human Psychology. It is a very vast topic, and this was just a small part of it.

From next time onwards, mark the actions when you are talking to another person, and you could find something that you didn’t know.

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