What makes you look dumber?

Everyone might have seen in movies that the characters have some habits or they perform some actions which kinda look kickass, and it suits their personality. When we see such behaviors, we try to copy them and apply them in real life. But sometimes what happens is that those behaviors make you look dumber than you are.

Sometimes it may happen that you would be trying to act in order to create an impression, but you end up being an idiot in front of others. Here is a list of a few such behaviors which you should avoid if you don’t wish to look dumber.

  • Holding an alcoholic drink


    This is a common gesture that is seen in various movies and which is tried by many people. The researchers have called it “the imbibing idiot bias.” The studies believe that the person holding a beer bottle in a photo is considered to be less intelligent than a person holding a glass of water.

  • Use of fancy words in unnecessary situations


    When you try to act smart by using more number of long words, then it makes you look dumb. According to researches, people who use acronyms or simplified version of words are considered to be more intelligent.

  • Misusing phrases and words


    There are some common phrases and words which people mix up with. You will sound smarter if you avoid such silly mistakes.
    For example, a common mistake that people create is among the words proceed and precede. Both words have different meanings. The meaning of the word proceed is to continue while the meaning of precede is to go before.

  • Walking too slow or fast


    When you are traveling with some people or in a group, you should always sync with the speed of walking of other people.
    According to researches, the people who walk faster or slower than the people around them are considered to be less competent and less intelligent.

  • Avoiding Eye Contact


    It might happen that you would be nervous while talking to someone and start looking to the side or the floor. This action would make you look bad and create a wrong impression.
    If you are looking at a person while talking, then that makes you look more intelligent, and it even creates a good impression of yourself.

  • Scowling or Frowning


    When you are angry or frustrated, you will start frowning on others, and that makes you look less friendly as well as less intelligent.
    According to researches, it is believed that people with smiling faces are considered to be more intelligent and also trustworthy.

  • Speaking in monotone


    When you talk in a monotone, people won’t find any interest in talking to you. People will feel bored. Instead, if you use hand expressions and alter your pitch and volume, then that would create an impact on others, and they would like to listen to you. Great speakers always have a way of speaking so that people want to hear them.

  • Being afraid in asking for advice


    People have a wrong belief that if they would ask someone for advice, then they would look incompetent. This is completely wrong thinking. If you ask someone for advice, then you would get a better idea and a viewpoint of someone else. This would enhance your thinking and ultimately make you more competent. People who take advice are considered to be more competent than the people who solicit help.

    These were some of the things that one should keep in mind if they don’t want to look dumb and stupid in front of people.



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