What is VFX?

VFX is the general abbreviated form of Visual Effects. VFX is used in the imaginary scenes or the sci-fi scenes that are being created in movies. It is also known as CGI (Computer Generated Image).


A computer-generated image is later on executed in the real world, and it is not possible without VFX.

By looking at some of the images, you will get to know more about the proper meaning of visual effects.


The Bollywood and Hollywood film industry is making movies which are absolute work of VFX and without that these movies are not possible. This industry uses the VFX most of the time and in almost all movies. Some of the best work of VFX can be seen in movies like Bahubali, Ra. One and the latest film of 2018 which is Robot 2.0.

Now if we go deep into the topic of VFX, then we can say that it basically comes in the genre of media and entertainment. This industry has been, and it is advancing at a high pace.


The VFX (visual effects) is importantly divided into three steps when it comes to film making, and those three steps are as follows.


Pre-production starts with the pre-visualization of the story. An integral part of every VFX shoot is the guide which is used during live shoots for frames and shots. Pre-visualization includes story ideation, screenwriting, storyboarding and animatics.


2. The production work

The production stage includes integrating computer-generated (CG) characters, backgrounds, and effects that bend with live action. CG production consists of 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and VFX. The production also involves high dynamic range images (HDRI) for CG-LIVE-ACTION integration.


3. The post-production work

Rotoscoping is one of the most integral parts of the VFX pipeline, where an expert called roto artist draws the character in each frame. Going forward with this, accurate camera tracking matches the live action along with a CG camera. Artists then create frames and backgrounds for the final output. Here with the matte painting, the artist replaces the background and then blend it through compositing. After all this process, the photorealistic output comes. After all these steps are done the final video footage or particular part of the movie is produced.


Some of the important software that is used for VFX are Photoshop, After Effects, Mocha, Silhouette, and Nuke.

If someone wants to start his/her carrier in this field than this is going to be an excellent decision, in this advancing world of entertainment, media, and technology, there is not going to be any time when there would be problems of unemployment in this field.

After completing this course, the carrer options available are:

  1. Compositor
  2. Camera Tracker
  3. Match moving Artist
  4. FX Artist
  5. Motion Graphics Artist
  6. Matte Painter
  7. Clean-Up Artist
  8. BG Prep Artist
  9. VFX Generalist
  10. Stereoscopy Artist
  11. Depth Artist
  12. Video Editor
  13. Pre-viz Artist
  14. Roto Artist
  15. Paint Artist

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