How to control your emotions so that it doesn’t control you?

Emotions are considered to be one of the most pressing, present, and also the painful force that is in our lives. Emotions overtake our decisions and actions of life. In a human’s life, emotions are the most powerful because it can make a person do anything. For example, we will take chances when we are excited about the new prospects, we will make sacrifices because we love and we cry when we are hurt. These are all the emotions that affect our lives. Sometimes, when we act on our emotions too quickly or when we act on wrong emotions, we often take decisions that we lament about in the future.


A person could be defined with the emotions that he or she possesses. Emotions will determine your mood, and that will say how you interact with other people, the number of challenges you take and also the way you spend your time.

If you cannot control your emotions, then they will control you. It is necessary to manage your emotions, or else it will control you and make you weaker. Controlling your own emotions is also a skill, and it can only be achieved with dedication and practice.

Do not stay stuck on your emotions

First of all, let me clear a difference between suppressing the emotions and managing the emotions. If you are ignoring the sadness or the pain and pretend that you don’t feel anything, then it doesn’t mean that the emotions are gone. This is suppressing of emotions and not managing them.

The emotions which are left unaddressed create wounds which gets worse with time. When you suppress your emotions, you will create a wall between you and the entire world, and you would distance yourself from the outside world.

It is essential to control your emotions before they start controlling you. So, here are 3 ways to help you gain better control of your emotions.

  1. Labeling Your Emotions

    There are solutions to every problem, but you can’t find a solution if you don’t know the problem. You cannot change your feeling unless you know what you are feeling. Ask yourself some questions. Are you disappointed? Are you sad? Are you nervous?

    I have a few questions about…before I can say I understand. I really understood this idea. I don’t even know where to start on… Label Your Emotions.

    Anger is an emotion which will mask all the other emotions, so it is necessary to keep a check on it. You should label your emotions to know what exactly you are feeling at the moment. There are chances that you will be feeling several emotions at the same time as excitement, anxiousness, and even frustrated. If you label your emotions then that will affect your decisions and help you.

  2. Do not react right away

    Reacting immediately to the emotional triggers usually turns out to be an immense mistake. You say something in anger that you end up regretting about in the future. Sometimes you might come in a situation or a fight where you would have a lot in mind to say in opposition, but you should think several times before saying it because you will end up saying things that will tear apart everything. You should react to a situation after getting calm to avoid regrets.

  3. See the bigger picture

    There might be something happening in our lives that would be disappointing for us. But we should think about the greater good or the purpose behind that happening. There is always a greater picture behind the current situation. You will not be able to understand it in the beginning, but you will be able to get it as time passes by. Even when you are in the midst of an emotionally upsetting moment, trust your fate that there would be an ultimate purpose that you will be able to comprehend soon.

In today’s world, the fights taking among people is because they cannot control their emotions. People get driven by their emotions and sometimes take out anger at a wrong place, which affects their relations. So, it is necessary to control your own emotions before it starts controlling you.


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