How to Master the Art of Public Speaking?

People are often afraid when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd. The main reason behind it is because you lack confidence. Confidence is considered to be the key to everything. Let us start with the basics of mastering the Art of Public Speaking. 


Let us discuss a few rules to understand the concept in a better way.


Know Your Audience 

It is very important to create a tuning with the audience. You should find out their level of understanding before conveying your thoughts. You should give your audience a reason to listen to you. If the audience can find an incentive for themselves, they are going to listen to you. Give them that!! Relate your points with reality so that they feel engaged and they can understand your messages easily.


Prepare an attention grabber

Great speakers make use of an attention grabber to keep the people engaged from the beginning. An attention grabber could be anything like asking a question, making use of an analogy, mentioning a topical event, or delivering a strong quote in the beginning. Try to be unique and let the audience feel your presence from the start.


Decide the Structure

The structure should be simple so that people don’t get bored. There should be a beginning, middle, and the end section. The middle section should be divided into further sections. Every section should be started with a question, and then you should answer the question so that people feel engaged. The audience should know when you are starting a new subject.


Bullet Points

You should write and plan what you are going to say. First of all, create notes about what you are going to say in detail and then create bullet points from them, which can be recorded on cards. These cards can be used to guide you while you are speaking. This will help you to convey your speech in a better way.


Know Where to See

The audience should have their eyes on you and not on the presentation slides that you are showing them. You should never stand next to the slides and read from it. You should be facing towards the audience and not towards the screen. Make the powerpoint presentations to be as simple as possible because if they are attractive, then the audience would prefer looking at the presentation instead of you.


Stay Calm

Your body language will convey the first message to the audience even before you start speaking. The audience will notice the way you walk, the way you speak, and everything. Everything you do should send a message of calmness to the audience. Your posture should be perfect even while walking. Your shoulders should be back, chin up, and the most important thing is that you should be smiling. A smile creates a huge impact on the audience.


Be Enthusiastic

You should be full of enthusiasm and energy while speaking or else you can’t expect the same from the audience. You can make use of body movements and your facial expressions to reinforce your enthusiasm. Imagine yourself to be in the audience and ask yourself if you feel inspired or not.


These are some of the basic rules to master the art of public speaking. There must be a fine-tuning with the audience, and they should consider you to be a credible source of knowledge. They should be attracted to your speech, and they should find it worth listening to you.

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