5 websites worth visiting on Dark Web

Dark Web is the mysterious part of the web that is accessed by most of the people through Tor browser. You will not be able to access the websites with ‘.onion’ extension by using the regular browsers. The Tor browser will create a layer that will provide a level of anonymity.


There is a lot about Dark Web. If you want to get familiar with what is Dark Web, then
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You might have seen the name of Dark Web coming up in the news, and all the times it is associated with illegal activities. You can find all the illegal things such as drugs, arms and ammunition, fake passports, and much more on Dark Web.

There are several cautions that you need to keep in mind before accessing the Dark Web. If you try to access the Dark Web without proper knowledge directly, then you could end up in a lot of trouble. Before accessing the Dark Web, then
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We are not here to discuss about the basic things. Let us get to the main topic that is some of the dark web websites that are worth visiting.

There are several things you can find on the Dark Web. If you know the right place, then you can explore various things here. Let us have a look at some of the websites.

  1. Hidden Wiki

    The Hidden Wiki is like the Wikipedia of the Dark Web. You will be able to find links to several websites that are available on the Dark Web from Hidden Wiki. Dark Web is a complicated thing, and it is not at all easy to find specific links or information there. This is the place where Hidden Wiki comes into the picture. Hidden Wiki also provides a huge amount of information that might be interesting for you. There are various illegal links also available on Hidden Wiki, so you should not click on anything that you do not wish to see.


  2. Sci-Hub

    If you are looking for scientific research papers, then Sci-Hub is the perfect place for you. You won’t get access to all the research papers on the Surface Web, but you will be able to access all the research papers on the Dark Web free of cost. The main motto of this page is that knowledge should be available to everyone for free. There should be no discrimination in the sharing of knowledge.


  3. Hidden Answers
    Hidden Answers - Secrets deep web

    Hidden Answers is somewhat similar to Reddit. The main difference is that there is no censorship on Hidden Answers. You are allowed to ask anything, and you will definitely receive answers to all the questions from the online community. If you are new to Dark Web, then you can ask all the types of questions and gain information. You can even ask those questions that you might find embarrassing to be asked on the surface web.


  4. ProPublica

    ProPublica is a major news website that is also available on the surface web. On Dark Web, ProPublica exposes betrayal of trust by the government, businesses as well as other institutions and power abuses. You will get access to all the news that is kept hidden to you by powerful people in the world. All these news are kept on Dark Web in order to bypass censorship so that the users can read the real news anonymously.


  5. Secure Drop

    Secure Drop is the place where journalists and whistleblowers meet in order to have a conversation. This is a place where whistleblowers can share any kind of information anonymously without leaving any footprints. It is the place where you will see the journalists getting all the information about the government or the companies, as well as the illegal actions taking place. Everyone is free to share anything here anonymously.


There are several other websites available on the Dark Web. The above-mentioned are only 5 of the most popular websites that are worth visiting on the Dark Web. There is a lot of stuff to explore on Dark Web, but it is essential to take all the precautions before visiting Dark Web.

Note – Do not try visiting the above links from your regular browsers. All the information shared here is only for the purpose of knowledge. If you fall into any kind of problem or illegal activities, then we are not responsible. Surf safely after knowing about the Dark Web.

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