Happy Republic Day 2020

On 26 January 2020, India is celebrating its 71st Republic Day. We have been celebrating Republic Day since so many years, but still, there are so many people out there who don’t even know why we are celebrating it.

Republic Day wishes

Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

India commends its Republic Day on January 26 consistently to respect the day the constitution of India authoritatively came into effect that is on January 26, 1950, after replacing the Government of India Act (1935). This notable occasion is honoured each year with extraordinary excitement and enthusiasm.

Why is India called a Republic Country?

India is known as a republic in light of the relevant meaning of a republic: a type of government where delegates are qualified to act on behalf of the individuals whom they are representing. Furthermore, in India, it is a pertinent kind of structure. Also, the “front cover” of the constitution being the preamble portrays India as a “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic”.

Every year during the time of Republic Day and Independence Day, you will be able to find lots and lots of messages, quotes, photos, as well as statuses on social media related to it. Here we are with some creative messages and statuses that you can keep for Republic Day.

Messages and Statuses for Whatsapp for Republic Day


  • Let us make a vow to our homeland that we will do everything that we can to free it of the considerable number of evils. Let us remain united. Wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • You can ascend from anything. You have the ability to totally recreate yourself. Wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • On this day let us make a vow to battle for justice, freedom and equivalent rights for each resident for harmony and unity among every one of the residents of this country. Wish you a Happy Republic Day.
  • Be glad that you are an Indian because blessed are all the individuals who are conceived in this incredible nation. Upbeat Republic Day 2020!
  • On this uncommon event, we should guarantee our country that we will do everything that enhances and protect our legacy and our ethos. Wishing all of you an extremely Happy Republic Day.
  • We as a whole are 71 years of age together, the adolescent and the seniors. Furthermore, the intensity of solidarity is that we are commending the 71st year of Republic Day together. Wish you an extremely Happy Republic Day!
  • Strength in our words, purity in our blood, freedom in our mind, and pride in our spirits. How about we salute the martyrs on Republic Day. Happy Republic Day!
  • Our heroes pursued a valiant battle so the people in the future could live their lives with dignity. This is a day to celebrate. Wishing all of you Happy Republic Day!
  • The festival of the 71st Republic day is in our minds. May the quality in our body and the virtue in our bloodstream allow all of us to stand and offer respect to our country on the Republic day. Wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • Continuously be pleased that you are Indian because not every person gets the benefit of being born in this incredible nation. Wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • Cheerful Republic Day 2020! On this day, how about we recall the true heroes of India who relinquished their lives to give us freedom.

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