7 Day Law of Attraction Guide

Law of Attraction has a supreme power that can help you achieve anything in life. Law of Attraction can help you manifest everything in life. All you need to do is believe in yourself and fill yourself with positivity.

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Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words

When people start applying the Law of Attraction, at the initial stage, they think that it might take them months or even years to manifest something. What if I tell you that you can start seeing manifestations in only 7 days? Yes, you heard it right. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps for 7 days. Here is the 7-day law of attraction guide or we can say 7-day manifestation challenge.

DAY 1 – Choose What To Manifest

The first step is to decide what you want in life. At the initial stage, you need to lay a foundation by creating small, realistic goals. In order to fulfill your dreams, you need to first decide what it is that you want to manifest.

DAY 2 – Visualization

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool for attracting anything towards you. You can achieve all your goals with the help of visualization. First of all, you must write down 3 scenarios that you wish to visualize. This will help you to focus on these 3 things in specific. It will help you in creating a path for making perfect visualizations.

DAY 3 – Affirmations

Being affirmative and believing in your goal are the most important steps for achieving anything in life. You need to affirmative with yourself in order to stay positive towards your goal. You should write down as many affirmations as possible that are relevant to your goal. After that, all you need to do is repeat those affirmations daily as many times as possible.

DAY 4 – Take Steps

This is the time when you need to start thinking about taking some physical steps that will help you to move towards your goal. It is a crucial part of the plan to take some action that is in the path of your goal. It is essential to align your steps with the Law of Attraction in order to accomplish all the goals in life.

DAY 5 – Give Back

There is an old saying, “what comes around, goes around.” You need to positive and be at service to others. Raising up good karma will create positive vibrations around you, which turns out to be very beneficial.

DAY 6 – Stay Positive

People often say that they visualize a lot about their goals, but still, they are not able to achieve it. The reason behind their failure is the negativity surrounding them. When you say negative things about yourself or take opinions from others regarding your goal, it distracts you from your goal. It is essential for you to stay positive and focus completely on your manifestation.

DAY 7 – Be Open To Opportunities And Signs

As you come towards the 7th day, the universe will start throwing some opportunities and signs in your direction. All you need to do is stay aware and be open for something new in life. Being open towards everything will help you to grab those opportunities as well as understand the signs that are shown by the universe.


This is the 7-day guide for Law of Attraction that is guaranteed to work if you believe in your goal as well as you believe in yourself. You need to have faith in yourself if you wish to achieve anything in life. This is the perfect guide for the law of attraction steps.

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