50 Things To Do During Self Isolation

There is a pandemic situation going on in the world due to the widespread of Coronavirus and it is important for everyone to take it seriously and act accordingly. As per the orders being passed in the world, people should remain isolated in their houses. It is very important that every individual follows all the orders passed by the governments of all the nations.

I know it is boring to stay at home for the entire time and now you would be thinking that what should we do to pass this time.

There are 2 types of people during this time of isolation. The 1st type would be the one wasting their time by watching movies and series for the entire day or scrolling through their phones and doing nothing else.

The other type of people would be the ones who will try to go towards a productive way. These people will try to inculcate something in their lives and utilize this time for themselves. If you are one of them, then this is the perfect list that you need.

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I am going to explain at the places where an explanation is needed, and the things that are simple could be understood without an explanation.


Things To Do During Self-Isolation

  1. Meditate in the morning to have a peaceful day. (There is no restriction on doing it at other times)
  2. Get into the kitchen and learn some cooking stuff
  3. Read a lot of self-development books
  4. Practice Yoga daily
  5. Organize and Strategize your Finances
  6. Listen to your favorite Music
  7. Create your own Bullet Journal to track the past, organize the present, and also plan for the future.
  8. Research on things that you always wanted to (such as ethical hacking, astronomy, or any random thing that intrigues you)
  9. Try out a social media detox for 2-3 days (How does that make you feel?)
  10. Clean and Organize your Space
  11. Start a marathon of particular movies such as Harry Potter, Fast & Furious, etc.
  12. Paint your ideas onto the canvas
  13. Catch up on your favorite YouTube channels
  14. Create a Vision Board to plan your goals
  15. Coordinate your closet as per colors
  16. Express your love to your loved ones with hand-written letters
  17. Spread positivity by sharing positive reviews for whatever you have loved
  18. Take online courses on whatever topic you are interested to know about
  19. Listen to several personal development podcasts
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Exercise daily to keep your body in good shape
  22. Redecorate your bedroom and you can even try out your entire home
  23. Have a self-care day and make it a home spa
  24. Get rid of all the negative thoughts and emotions from your mind
  25. Try out some new looks on yourself with the help of makeup, different set of clothes, and also different hairstyles
  26. Practice self-massage with the use of dry oil
  27. Try creating your own recipes for whatever you like
  28. Print out your latest photos and create a photo album or photo frame
  29. DIY beautiful home decors
  30. Create playlists on Spotify
  31. Learn a new musical instrument
  32. Socialize with your family members
  33. Start a blog
  34. Get on with journal prompts and answer all the questions to discover yourself
  35. Create documentation of all the days of self-isolation through photographs or writings
  36. Write letters to your future children about whatever you want them to know
  37. Plan the next trip or vacation that you wish to take after everything is all right in the world
  38. Start a new challenge to change yourself such as morning meditations, daily yoga, healthy eating, etc.
  39. Make a call to all your long-distance family members and friends
  40. Ponder on new ideas to sell something online
  41. Search for some ways to earn money online
  42. Make a social media review and unfollow all those accounts that you do not like anymore or are useless
  43. Draft a plan for where you want to see yourself after 2-5 years
  44. Make a watchlist of movies or series on Netflix and Amazon Prime
  45. Create a bucket list that you wish to complete in life
  46. Download and make use of productive applications on your mobile phones
  47. Practice self-affirmation as there are times when we need more of positive self-talk
  48. Play some old school games with your friends and family members
  49. Unleash the creativity within you by trying out origami, painting, etc.
  50. Learn some dance routines that you always wanted to dance on

The list could go on and on. If you like to add something to the list, then you can write them down in comments and I would surely add them to the list. 

Some of the things mentioned-above could sound very basic to you, but this is the time when you can start from the roots and reach the growth at its peak.

The world is under tremendous fear and we need to stay positive as well as calm. Try out these things to remain productive during these days of self-isolation. Let us pray for the world to get over this pandemic as soon as possible.

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