7 Must Have Tech Gadgets for College Students

As you move ahead in life, several challenges are coming up in front of you. If you can get some help or tool that can help you in your journey, then there is nothing better than that. Several college tech essentials will come up in your mind after reading this article.

Here I am with a list of 7 must-have gadgets for college students that can help you in facing all the upcoming challenges. These gadgets are nothing less than accessories for college students.

As you belong to a technical field, you must be aware of the ways how technology can turn out to be beneficial for you. Let us begin with the list of the best tech for students.

  • Noise Reduction Headphones

With the technological advancements prevailing in the world, it has become quite easy for you to find and purchase noise cancellation headphones at a low price. If you are tired of the noisy environment around you and wish to turn it into a quiet place, then this is the best product for you.


Noise Reduction or Noise Cancellation Headphones are available in different styles like wireless, ear-buds, and headsets. This gadget will help you in maintaining your sanity while dealing with your busy academic life.

  • Google Nest Hub Max

Let us evolve with the technology and have a look at this smart display gadget that would turn out to be a great partner for you. The device possesses in-built speakers so that you never miss out on an alarm or appointment. You can also explore its wide range of questions and answers that would be a great help to you in completing your assignments. The screen size is 10 inches, and the display is a touch screen.


There are tons of other useful services provided by the device, such as recipe reading and slideshow configuration. If you have set up a camera in your room, then you can even watch its live feed on the Google Nest Hub Max.

  • Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

It is another amazing tech gadget for college students that have recently been upgraded. Evernote is an application that allows the users to translate their hand-written notes into the digital format. Students can also gain benefits from their organizational and accessibility perks. The application makes use of your phone’s camera to translate your notes into pixels.


The document will then be stored by utilizing several organizational structures that include modifiable as well as searchable smart stickers. The best thing is that even if you do not have the phone, then also you can access the notes from any device and also share across mobile devices. You can become the best study buddy with this essential app.

  • Philips Light Alarm Clock

Are you facing trouble to wake up early in the morning? I know that the answer would be yes, for many of us. At least I feel the same!


This is the perfect gadget that will simulate a sunrise when it is time for you to wake up. The brightness is gradually increased before half an hour earlier than your alarm goes off. It can also be used as a bedside lamp for reading purposes at night.

  • Smart Pen

This is the best device that can be helpful to anyone in life who has to write a lot. The Smart Pen is connected with your device via Bluetooth, and it will sync everything that is written with it on your device. It will help you not lose a single note that you might have written anytime.


Now, there is no need for you to take care of bits of papers and sit for finding them when required. The Smart Pen will collect all the essential information on your device, and you can categorize it as per your need. Welcome easy note making with your own Smart Pen.

  • Bluetooth Coffee Maker

When you step into your college life, you will have to go through several all-night sessions for studying. You will need some fuel that can get you through these study sessions. This is the place where coffee comes in.


The Bluetooth Coffee Maker will allow you to brew coffee from any place within 8 minutes. If you are sure regarding your coffee breaks or needs, then you can also make use of its app to schedule your brew.

  • Phone Battery Case

The most common issue faced by students when in college is that the battery drains off very quickly, and they don’t have a battery backup. The issue becomes much worse when you are using a device with a short battery life.


This is where the Phone Battery Case can help you in lengthening the battery life of your phone. Don’t worry because your phone won’t look bulky with this case. Now, there is no need for you to use a charging backpack or even search for an outlet for charging. The Phone Battery Case will keep your phone alive throughout the day.

The technology is advancing, then why rely on those old methods now. It is time for you to upgrade yourself with the 7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for College Students. These educational gadgets for students can improve your efficiency as smart means using the right gadgets.

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