5 Ways to Spread Positivity In This Crucial Time

The world is completely shaken up with everything that is going around. First, the COVID-19 pandemic and the trauma that it has brought to people. There have been several deaths in the entire world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The most recent news is about the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. The entire country is shaken up with this news. There is no need to go in deep with this news because what we need here is to stay away from negativity. There is a huge amount of negativity prevailing around us and this is the time when we all need to unite and stay with each other. We need to spread positivity in the world and to accomplish this task, first, we need to stay positive. There is a need to spread positivity not negativity.

Here I am with some of the ways that you can apply to spread positivity and happiness in your surroundings.

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How to Spread Positivity?

  “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

It is not a difficult task to spread positivity because it only requires small actions to do so. Positivity is not some kind of fictional concept that is difficult to understand because it is something around us and something that we can feel. It is not possible to make someone’s life positive in a single day as it happens with time. If someone is feeling negative, you can try out reading positivity quotes that can inspire you.

Let us learn some acts of positivity and some ways to spread positivity and happiness around us to support every individual out there even if we don’t know that person.

        1. Smile


Smiling. It is such a simple thing, but it is the most important factor for spreading positivity. When you smile even at a stranger, it creates a feeling of trust in that person and ultimately it creates a positive mood in the surroundings. Just try smiling even when you are sad, and you’ll notice that it could completely change your mood.

Whenever you feel negative, try to force a smile on your face for 30 seconds and let the magic work on you. The negativity would completely vanish.

        2. Listen


Sometimes it happens that someone doesn’t need your help but only wants you to listen to them. They just want someone who can hear them as they vent out everything going on in their life. It is very easy, but it also has great importance.

Sometimes just try to listen to a person’s sorrow without any suggestions because he/she might not be needing opinions, but only an individual who can hear them out.

        3. Help Someone Out in a Practical Way


Every individual must learn to encourage others because there are several talents out there who step back due to the discouragement. When someone doesn’t need encouragement but is looking for a practical solution, try to help them as much as you can.

Helping someone does not always mean to lend money but it can also be something like giving a ride to someone in your car, providing some information to people when they ask you something and so many small things.

        4. Perform a random act of kindness


It is not necessary that you can spread positivity only to those whom you know. You can spread positivity by showing random acts of kindness by showing the way to someone who is lost, holding the door for some stranger, helping someone to carry things, and a lot more.

When someone who doesn’t even know you, offers some help, it is pretty satisfying and we feel that there is still something good in the world.

        5. Pay it forward


If you find that your friend or any stranger is spreading a bit of positivity to you, then you must pay it forward. You should pass on this positivity to someone else and create a chain. This chain of positivity can heal a lot of individuals out there who need help.


You don’t know what these small actions could do, but someone out there is crying from inside for help and these small actions can workout in saving someone’s life.

Just remember one thing in life. There are no problems that are bigger than life. All you need is a hand that can get you out of your problems. Everyone lend your hands to people out there and the ones that need help, find those hands, and catch them.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spread Positivity In This Crucial Time

  1. Even you also contributed something to spread positivity by publishing it. These are the small things we need to take care of and you described it in a really decent way. Liked it! 🙂

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