6 Traits That Women Find Attractive in Men

To attract means to invoke interest. Every man wants to know the answer to “What Women Find Attractive in Men?” Many people out there believe that it is pretty simple to attract anyone towards you. But, it is not so simple with everyone. If you understand the clear meaning of attraction, you can apply it in your life.

Everything that happens in life is based on desires. Let us understand the attraction with a simple example. For instance, you are out there to shop for a particular style, color, or brand of clothes. The reason for you to look out for something particular is that you have seen it somewhere like in a magazine, on a mannequin, or even on your friend. You are attracted to that particular brand or style because it presented itself to you and that caught your attention.

The same goes for everyone. You need to present yourself to attract someone because if someone says that there is no reason, but I feel attracted to that man or woman, it’s a myth. Everything happens in life because of need, desire, or pleasure. Do you want to be the kind of man a woman needs? If yes, then read further.

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Now, let us have a look at 6 traits that makes women feel attracted to any man. Remember one thing that the path to a women’s heart is through an emotional connection.

6 Traits: What Women Find Attractive In Men

Trait #1 – Self-Reliance

Self-reliance not only should be the characteristics of both genders equally, but women really appreciate it in men and just can’t resist the standard even without noticing themselves. Even in practical life, nobody likes a person who is lazy and who depends on others for his work whether or not it’s cooking or doing the space or cleaning. It’s become more common now to divide work supported gender, but you’ve heard it right? The rarer the thing the more valuable it is.


A girl is going to be drawn to a self-reliant man on the primary go whether or not she doesn’t know him alright. It gives her a way of reassurance and clearance of doubt that this man won’t put all the items on her shoulder but will do his work too. So, all the boys out there be self-reliant or suffer your whole life, a way or another. Imagine what would you be doing if she is away for five days? Are you able to survive? If yes, then congrats you have got it.

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Trait #2 – Ambitious

When we hear the word ambitions, we automatically have the concept of fabric ambitions like being a top businessman or being the richest within the country or owning an organization that’s worth million dollars but don’t you think that the word ambitious applies to your personal life too?


A person who knows what he’s doing and what he is going to be doing is that the man that never fails to catch a women’s eye. A person who knows where he’s going and what he’s doing in his life even that smallest things could be a man to be jealous of because not all can try this, a person who plans is that the man who gains both in career life and private life too. So what are you waiting for?

Trait #3 – Self-Love

Imagining what attracts women in men? The foremost crucial one is self-love. Self-love is commonly misunderstood with self-obsession and proudness but maybe that’s not true. We’ve 3 main things that ought to be taken care of first is your mind, second is your heart and third is your soul. Self-love is taking care of these three things. Self-love doesn’t suggest he doesn’t know his flaws. He knows but is usually within the way of betterment so that these flaws do not get within the way.


Imagine a person who takes care of these things so perfectly because these are his things. Does one still have the incorrect concept of a girl being turned off by such a man? Absolutely no! She is going to surely hit the thought in her mind that if this man loves his self this much and takes care of himself this much, he would love me perfectly. Self-obsession may be a turning off point which goes to an ignorant person too.

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Trait #4 – Humour

Well! Well! Well! Look what we have! Does one ever dislike a humorous person? No right. Imagine the standard of a person. You cannot be turned off by such a person who uses humour to form his personality charming. Humour and sarcasm are two various things and humour if utilized in a wrong way may shut down a girl but with the correct approach, it can do wonders.


Women don’t usually recognize this attraction they need for such a man; they merely fall for it. If a person is keeping the environment a bit friendly along with his humour, he surely encompasses a chance of capturing the hearts of the many women within the room; unmarried women to be precise. Humour isn’t always an inborn quality. Anyone can develop it with time, so are you up for watching Tom and Jerry at this age? Just kidding.

Trait #5 – Understanding

Empaths never fail to cross the mind of a girl for a short time. Women are all about things that are mysterious and difficult, things that require to be understood, and if a person can try this she is going to be impressed. Now, understanding doesn’t always mean to mention to her occasionally that I understand you and stuff like that. It means understanding her mood swings, understanding little things which show she is angry or not happy.


Imagine ignoring these items and at the tip of the day, you’re there sitting blank and not knowing what you probably did wrong. Are you able to relate? I’m not being biased but that’s what happens most of the time. So Understanding is that the most vital thing you need. In general, an understanding person is attractive, right?

Trait #6 – Charming Personality

Last but not the least, a singular and charming personality is what a person should use to activate a lady on the primary meet. A Handsome man will become an idler without exercise and a girl can be interested in loads of handsome men in an exceedingly day but what captures her heart could be a charming personality.


A personality is what is going to be together with her for the remainder of her life. A body will age but a personality never fails to remain with the person lifelong. It is the genuine attraction she’s going to feel towards you if you’ve got this trait. So how does a person can get an enthralling personality? Should this question be asked? No way just be yourself and never copy others that is what a captivating personality is!

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“Work on these traits and let them work the magic for you”

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