Law of Karma

Karma is the result of your own actions. If you do something good then you would get the same in return and vice versa. Karma never forgets to play its game so beware of it. Karma never likes to loose. Rather than loosing yourself, try to make it a tie.


Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a simple law which works on your belief and willpower. You are the creator of yourself. You get what you attract towards yourself no matter what it is.

Real Life is a Game.

Everyone in their childhood or any other stages of life might have thought that how would be their life if they were in their favorite game or some kind of T.V. show. This is a fantasy life which would have been lived atleast once by everyone in their childhood. And some people even try to live by that fantasy. What if I tell you that our real life is also a game? Let's talk about it.