Face behind Marvel Comics – Stan Lee

In terms of comics, people consider the world to be divided into parts. The two main parts are Marvel Comics and DC Comics. There are a huge number of fans of Marvel Comics compared to DC Comics. Marvel is famous for its movies as well as comics. The films are usually based on the comics.

Marvel Comics is successful only because of the hard work and great efforts of Stan Lee. Let us know more about Stan Lee and his history with Marvel Comics.

Life of Stan Lee


Stan Leiber also was known as Stan Lee was an American publisher, editor and comic writer. He was the face behind Marvel Comics. He was the chief-editor of Marvel Comics and later on the publisher and then the chairman of Marvel Comics which led to the expansion of Marvel from a small scale to a huge level.

Stan Lee has worked with several artists and in particular with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. He created many fictional characters in collaboration with them. Some of the famous Marvel characters like Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-man, Black Panther, X-Men, Daredevil and Fantastic Four. Stan Lee worked in collaboration with his brother Larry Leiber and created the characters of Thor, Iron-Man and Ant-Man.

Marvel Comics were not so famous earlier until Lee turned the tables. DC Comics had brought out Flash and Justice League of America which gave a lot of progress to it. Later on, the head of Marvel assigned Lee to make a superhero team which could compete with DC Comics.


Creation of Marvel Superheroes

In the 1950s, the superheroes were fictional characters and had no human qualities. Lee tried a new concept and created naturalistic characters with human qualities, and these characters faced issues which are usually faced by humans.

The first superhero created by Stan Lee was in collaboration with Jack Kirby which was the Fantastic Four. It competed with the superhero team of DC Comics which was Challengers of the Unknown. Fantastic Four became very famous, and Lee started working on more fictional characters. He then created Hulk, Thor and Iron Man with Jack Kirby and X-Men with Bill Everett. The progress of Marvel Comics was never stopped after that. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Doctor Strange and also the most famous character of Marvel Comics, Spider-Man.

Formation of The Avengers

Later on, Lee tried something new and united all these fictional characters and made the team with the name “The Avengers”. This team was filled with these characters and also included Captain America and Sub-Mariner of the 1940s. The concept of “The Avengers” became very famous worldwide, and then the progress of Marvel Comics has never fallen.


Stan Lee retired from the Marvel Comics company, but he made many cameo appearances in Marvel movies as different characters.

To know more about Stan Lee visit here.

Stan Lee was very famous in the comic book industry as Marvel Comics are world famous. He was in the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1995. He even received a National Medal of Arts in the year 2008. There were many others awards in the name of Stan Lee.

Unfortunately, the world lost the creator of Marvel Comics on 12th November 2018. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia last year, and in February he was rushed to the hospital for the same.

This was a brief story about the legend behind the Marvel Comics – Stan Lee.

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