Why do we need an Automation tool like Ansible?

Assume yourself as a system administrator, and you are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of all the different servers within your company. Some of the services you have to maintain could be web servers running apache, a database server running MySQL, and something similar. If you only have very few servers, then that’s fairly easy … Continue reading Why do we need an Automation tool like Ansible?

What if your newspapers can become like the ones in Harry Potter?

The latest technologies which are trending in the market are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IOT). AI is helping in various sectors to come up with something new. Photo Wake-Up is the latest and the most trending thing. It is an algorithm developed with the use of AI by the researchers. This is the concept which has been shown in the famous Harry Potter series. So, let us find out more about it.

What is VFX?

The film making industry is right now surviving because of VFX. Currently we can say that there might not be any movies in which VFX is not used. VFX is the most essential part of sci-fi and heroic movies. Without the help of Visual Effects, a sci-fi movie is not possible. Read on to know about VFX and the career options after learning VFX.