How to control your emotions so that it doesn’t control you?

Emotions can define a person. Often there are situations where emotions overtake your decisions. If you do not take control over your emotions then your emotions will control you. You have to decide that what emotion you want in your life and not let it decide your life. These emotions can blossom your life and make it filed with roses but the same emotions can even ruin your life if not kept in control.

What is the Starting Point of all Achievements?

A person dreams about a lot of things in life. It is not necessary that you achieve everything that you dream of. So what is lacking and what is stopping you from achieving everything that you dream of? Read on to find out the answer and end your curiosity.

What is the force that binds humans? MUST READ!!

The strongest force that binds humans is Love. No force is stronger than love and it is necessary for sustaining life. Love is a feeling which cannot be explained in words but it could only be expressed with emotions. Life is incomplete without love. It is a necessary element in a person's life just as water and air.