Dhruv’s Diaries is actually a diary where I write whatever I feel. The topics that I cover here are something that I personally have pondered upon or explored. Earlier, I had started one blog in 2015 when I was a rookie in this field. Later on, I realized that I have to work a lot to get acquainted with Blogging. I deleted that blog and after 3 years in 2018, I started the journey of Blogging with a new spirit.

GOAL – The main aim of starting this blog is to share my knowledge with everyone out there and also it helps me in gaining knowledge about several topics that I am unaware of. All the topics posted here are completely random and there is no particular niche that I follow. If you want me to write about something, you can surely come up with your topic to me.


Something About Me

I am a person filled with hobbies that includes playing guitar and learning martial arts. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. I am working as a Freelance Content Writer for the last 3 years with several clients along with writing content for Dhruv’s Diaries.

Email – furyupdates@gmail.com