I am not here to provide some information or facts about love. I am here to share my feelings and the way I have understood LOVE.


First of all, let me tell you that Love is a great feeling. It is a feeling in which once you are lost, you would not want to come out of it. By hearing the word Love, the first thing that comes in the minds of people is couples. But it is not like that. Love is an emotion, which is not only shared by couples. It could be the love of a mother, a father, a friend or any other person who considers you important in their life.

Sometimes it takes your whole life to fall in love with someone, while sometimes it happens that it just requires a fraction of second to decide that he/she is the one. When a person is in love, his whole life is changed. Love is not all about hugs and kisses. It is much more than that.

When you fall in love with someone, everything feels amazing. Even simple texts from them makes you happy and brings a smile to your face. You are in love with everything about that person. That person’s way of talking, that smile when you tease them, that blushing on their face when someone call them by your name. Whenever you are with that person, you want the time to stop and never pass. That time feels very precious to you. 


Love is all about caring for the other person. I feel that the best way to show your love is by caring for them, making them feel special and letting them know how much they mean to you not just by words but by actions. Everyone wants to be that important person in someone’s life.

People say that love is blind. I agree with it. Sometimes even if you know that the other is hurting you or even cheating on you, but still you would always think positive about that person. You are not able to accept anything that is against them.

When a person is deeply in love with someone, they cannot think about anything else. But the sad part is that everyone doesn’t feel the same. Every person is different and their feelings are also different. 

Love is when you just want to be with them and talk about anything even if it nonsense. Love is when you always think about having a future with that person. Love is when you never miss a chance to make them feel special and showing them the place they have in your life. Love is when you take out time for them. Love is when you care for them like you care for a little baby. Love is when you want to get lost in thoughts whenever you think about the moments you have together. Love is when even something small happens, you find something or the other that relates to them. Love is when you can do anything just for their happiness. Love is when you get excited every-time when you meet them. There is that excitement and feeling you had when you met for the first time and love is when that feeling remains forever when you meet. Love is when you know what he/she is thinking just by looking at them or talking with them. 

Love is not about saying “I Love You” daily but it is about saying “I care for you”. When you care for a person, everything happening in their life would mean to you. If they are sad, you will feel sad. Love is not about celebrating anniversaries every month but it is about making that love deeper and deeper with every passing month.

In today’s world, people have changed the definition of love. It is like there is new love for every person in every few months. That is not love. It is just attraction. If the love is pure and true, then that feeling helps a person to grow. Everyone wishes that when they fall in love for the first time, it is with someone perfect. But love is not about being with the perfect one, it is about being perfect together. 


If the love is same from both the sides, then the person feels blessed and always takes care that nothing happens to that bond. But when it just one-sided love or when there is a break-up, the person who was serious would be so much depressed that he would think thousand times before falling into love with someone. For that person, everything is different now and it would never be that same again.

Being in love is the best feeling but only when you truly have those feelings for the other person. Never beg someone to be in your life, if they don’t want to, just set them free. Because trust me, they were never in your life to be with you.


7 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. It’s absolutely correct love is all around uh it’s just a matter to feel.. Why only couples can have love even siblings can have any1 can have… Seriously it’s heart touching.. It made me feel all this when I was reading I was fully into itt 😍😍


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