What are the biggest time wasters?

The first thing that will come to everyone’s mind is a smartphone when you read the title. But today, we are not going to talk about materialistic things; instead, we are going to discuss personal issues that act as the biggest time wasters. Everyone gets the same 24 hours of a day. It depends on us how we spend those 24 hours. The person who has achieved great success have known the way of spending these 24 hours effectively to attain maximum output.


Let us look at some of the biggest time wasters and try to save our time from this.

  1. Waiting for Inspiration

    Everyone wants to achieve success, but they keep on waiting for someone to motivate and inspire them for doing something. Most of the people stay in this state for a long time, which wastes a lot of time.

  2. Worrying about others opinions

    Many people are afraid of doing something new because the only thing they think about is what others might think of that act. This thing hampers success and also wastes time.

  3. Complaining about Everything

    Life is never fair. The person who understands this will stop complaining about anything, and it would save a lot of time.

  4. Trying to Please Everybody

    People have a habit of becoming the center of attraction at every place, and for that, they try to be nice with everyone. When people try to please everybody, they have to give a lot of time for it, and in the end, it shows no results.

  5. Making Comparisons

    When people see something good or bad in others, they try to compare it with themselves. These comparisons could lead to ego or disappointment, and people end up in the wrong place with this.

  6. Repeating the Same Mistakes

    No one is perfect. Everyone makes several mistakes in life, and it is nothing wrong when it happens for the first time. The worst thing is when people make the same mistakes again and again, which consumes the same time again.

  7. Trying to be Perfect at Everything

    No one can be perfect at everything. Everyone has some flaws. You should be perfect at one thing and good at the others. This is the best way to input something at every place.

  8. The Fear of Failure

    No one has been successful in life without failing in the beginning. People have a fear of failure by worrying about what people might think about their failure. Due to this reason, people only think about the failure and the output which consumes their time.

  9. Not Living your Life

    This is the problem with many people. People get influenced by other personalities and try to live their life like them. There should be an idol in everyone’s life, but one should not try to copy their living instead, try to create your own way of living.


These are some of the biggest time wasters in a person’s life other than the materialistic things like Internet and Smartphones. No one can stop a person from being successful who can rule over these time-wasters in life.

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