The biggest advantage of using Android is that it is an open-source project. Anyone can develop a newer or different version of Android and use it. The biggest feat of Android is that a person could develop custom ROMs or custom Android builds. A custom ROM is a firmware production based on Android source code provided by Google.


The main reason why people prefer custom ROM is because almost every company drops the support of the device after 2-3 years. A custom ROM, on the other side, helps you to keep the device updated. And the other reason for using custom ROMs is because they offer a lot of features which aren’t provided by Android.

So, here I present to you the TOP 5 CUSTOM ROMs FOR ANDROID:-


  1. Lineage OS:
    Most of the people would not be familiar with this name because initially it started as Cyanogen Mod. Cyanogen Inc. discontinued in 2016, but Lineage OS continued the production under its name. It has the biggest developer team under its name and according to the tests, it has been proved that it could support over 190 devices. This custom ROM includes features like customizing the status bar, changing the overall theme, editing the navigation bar and much more.Lineage-OS-Feature-Image-Background-ColourMigrate-from-CyanogenMod-to-Lineage-OS-730x430
  2. SlimRoms:
    If you are looking for something small and handy, then this is the perfect custom ROM for you. It is the lightest and most functional custom ROM. The most amazing and eye-catching feature of SlimRoms project is Slim Recents and Slim PIE. The recents feature is used to display the recent apps in a sidebar, as opposed to occupying the entire screen. The PIE, on the other hand, comes as a navigation bar replacement, that proves to be highly useful when using your device in Immersive mode. Some of the other features of SlimRoms includes a custom dialer, custom Quick Settings tiles, lock screen shortcuts, Privacy Guard, and more. 2158052SlimRoms
  3. Paranoid Android:
    It is another custom ROM that avails everyone with refined experience with minimum resources. Paranoid Android, also known as PA is one of the most acclaimed custom ROMs of all times. Like other custom ROMs, it does not offer many features but it comes up with its own unique feature such as Hover Mode, which allows any user to interact and view the notifications from any screen. It has its own version of PIE menu, Ambient mode as well as fully upgraded immersive mode for Android.ParanoidAndroid_4.42-980x620 howto-use-paranoidandroid-settings-hybrid-properties-1-690x502.jpg
  4. Resurrection Remix:
    For all the people who are looking for a lot of features in just one OS, then this is the place you have it. It adds the code of LineageOS, SlimRoms, Paranoid Android, etc. and customizes them and also adds some features of their own. The thinking of this company is to provide all the features that are available even of they are not needed. It provides so much and that is why it comes at a hefty amount. Due to so many mixed up features, it becomes unstable (1) unduhan 1
  5. MIUI:
    It started as a custom ROM company and gradually gave rise to a smart phone company named Xiaomi, and now MIUI is one of biggest success stories in the past decade. It gives the user an iPhone like experience by having all the apps on the home screen and making the phone colorful and vibrant. The biggest feature in my experience is the Background optimizations. MIUI has the best battery life among all the other custom ROMs I have been using. images (1) HomeScreen

If anyone asks me about which is the best custom ROM then I would suggest him to go for either Lineage OS or MIUI because it comes in very handy and is filled with amazing features.

So, this was all about the custom ROMs. Stay tuned to know about how to install them easily and also about which devices supports different custom ROMs.

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