Gaming Technology Innovations

Gaming is a thing which every person enjoys in their life. There is no age for playing games. Starting from a kid of 8 years to the adults above 65 years play games on different platforms. There has been a lot of advancement in gaming technology, consoles, graphics as well as the types of games.

The World’s 1st Video Game was named as “Tennis For Two”. William Higinbotham and Robert Dvorak, Sr. show off a tennis simulator game they called Tennis for Two. Developed on a Donner Model 30 analog computer using an oscilloscope, it is the first known electronic game to use a graphical display. This is supposed to be the first game ever played.

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Tennis For Two


After that the gaming technology has developed a lot and with the invention of Virtual Reality, the world of games has taken a quantum leap. Xbox and Playstation rule the world of gaming. Even mobile gaming has increased very much.

In 1967, Ralph Baer released Brown-Box, a vacuum-tube circuit that was connected to the television set and could be played by two users. The Box was programmable to play other games such as checkers, ping pong and four sports games.

Sega and Taito were the first to introduce arcade gaming but Atari became the first company to bring the spark in this category of gaming in the late 80s.


The Dawn of Multiplayer Gaming:

If you all are thinking that the concept of Multiplayer Gaming started recently then you are wrong. This concept was started in mid 70s in US. They introduced it to increase their customers as people found it competitive. Around 1973, Jim Bowery launched Spasim, the first ever 32-player space shooter 3D game, which was also the foundation of Internet and multi-player game technology.

Online Gaming Consoles:

In 1982, CVC Gameline was released in Las Vegas. It had a feature through which users could download games and software available in the world. As there were not many game developers at that time, this technology lost its charm in 1983.

3D Gaming:

The concept of 3D gaming is not restricted to advanced mobile game development and the latest console game technology. The year was 1995 when the age of 3D gaming began as Sega released its Saturn System in North America. Based on new computer technology, the first 32-bit console allowed players to play games using CDs, eliminating old cartridges. Sony also released the Playstation in the same year to beat the competition, followed by Nintendo’s cartridge-based 64-bit console, the Nintendo 64.

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Nintendo 64


Sega and Nintendo are the domain of 3D Gaming yet Sony’s Playstation emerged to be the best in it.

Touch-Controlled Gaming:

In 2004, the era of touch-controlled gaming was developed. People think that it started just by the advancement of smartphones but that is not true. In 2004, the Nintendo DS took players by surprise with its built-in touch screen and stylus. With this device, players could interact with and control their game by means of tapping and doodling in various levels and menus. The PS Vita took it to next level with a multitouch innovation and a rear touchpad.


PS Vita


Mobile Technologies Changing the World Of Gaming:

After Apple developed an exclusive App Store in 2008, the world of gaming saw another evolution. With mobile game development technology bringing unbelievable innovations, mobile games have taken over the established market of console-based gaming.

In 2016, Pokemon Go broke the radical structure of games and incorporated Augmented Reality into gameplay, which is composed of virtual reality and a physical environment.


Due to its leisurely nature and the convenience of mobile gaming, more people are fascinated by digital games played on their personal devices. One of the basic games that mesmerized gamers was Angry Birds, which was downloaded 2 billion times and made $200 million in 2012.

The intricate theme of mobile games served with the latest technology is a trend that never fades away in today’s mobile game development space. Clash of Clans, one of the most celebrated multiplayer mobile games, still remains a blockbuster hit and connects millions of users around the globe.

The recent game which has become a sensation and has also become an addiction is PUBG. This game has become very famous due to its gameplay and HD graphics. The concept of that game is so famous because of some of the main reasons which are:- multiplayer gaming, social connection with people, real-time gaming, HD Graphics. It has become the most played game in today’s time. This game has reached at the top in all the countries and people have gone mad after that game. Its addiction has increased a lot.



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