Is there anyone who can tell me the real definition or just explain to me what real happiness is? You could find the bookish definition about it even on Wikipedia or anywhere on Google. But still, can anyone explain it to me?

Today I am here with a different topic to talk about Happiness. No one can define what is happiness for every individual. So, I am going to try to give you all a general definition and a general idea about Happiness.

Happiness is a feeling. It is something which everyone wants in life. It is a feeling which everyone desires to get in life. There are many forms of Happiness. Being happy doesn’t always mean to smile and laugh. Happiness is from inside. Smile and laughter are just some ways to show happiness.

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For every individual, there is a different meaning of happiness. One person might find happiness in listening to songs while the other might find it in playing games. One might find happiness in gossiping while the other might find it in travelling to places. The ways of experiencing Happiness changes from person to person. Just like habits and likings, these ways cannot be the same.

Happiness can be said to be satisfaction. A person feels happy when he/she is satisfied with something. For example, when someone gets a good salary in their job as per their expectations, then they would be happy. Happiness comes when the expectations are met.

Expectations is something that a person lives with. Everyone has some or the other expectations which they look forward to fulfill for themselves or desires that those expectations are fulfilled by the person from whom they want it to be fulfilled. And when these expectations are fulfilled, that person is satisfied and is very happy.

Happiness is not something that you need to look for in very big things. It is a very small thing but you just need to have the right eyes to find it. If a person doesn’t feel happy in the entire day, then that life is a waste. Why to work so hard when you can’t even have the time to be happy in the whole day?

Happiness is when that smile comes on your face by seeing someone, by reading a text from someone, by being with someone, that feeling when you know about something good that is going to happen, the time you spend with your friends by just cracking some jokes, that moment of expression on your face when you see a little kid doing something or when you just see him/her smiling, that feeling when someone congratulates you for anything.

There is always a feeling of happiness in those first times’ of anything. The first time when you drive a vehicle, when you help someone, when you fall in love for the first time, when you meet that person for the first time. Love in itself is Happiness. No matter whatever tensions might be there but where there is love, there is happiness. Happiness of being together, spending time, those texts to read, long calls, exchanging sorrows, when the other person is there for you when you need them.

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There is happiness everywhere in this world but you only have to feel it. The definition of happiness changes not only from person to person but even for 1 individual the definition of happiness changes with age. Earlier in childhood, a person feels happy when they get the time to play games or play with friends. Then in the teenage, scoring good marks in exams was the biggest happiness. After sometime, getting admission in good college becomes their goal and in the end the reason for their happiness. Then getting a good job and a healthy package gives happiness. And in the late 20s, the goal for happiness changes to becoming successful in life, getting a good life partner and getting settled.

This is just an example of how the definition of happiness changes for a single person from time to time.

I consider real happiness is when you know how to live in the present and be satisfied. But still, human minds are filled with desires but in the end, reality is the present. So live in it.


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  1. Yrrr seriously it’s Jzt matter of uh take nd think to be happy… It’s interesting nd helpful though bcoz on reading this we got smile nd felt happiness… Loved it

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