7 Ways to trick people to get your work done

Must Read for all the people who want to get their work done from other people in a few easy steps.


Many a time there are situations where you need to get your work done from someone else. But it is not an easy thing to trick people. You need to have manipulative skills to manipulate others and get your work done.

First of all, let me tell you that the skill of manipulation is not a bad thing. It depends on the way you use it. According to me, there is a scale for the level of manipulation which is ranging from let’s say persuasion to evil. You should understand that if a person is coming in your way of getting something then you need to find some other way.

Strategies to manipulate and trick people

Sometimes you might feel bad for manipulating others but if you have no choice left then there is nothing wrong in manipulating someone. If you know the skill of manipulating people then there are a lot of times when it might come into handy. If you feel like you are being underestimated or someone is taking your advantage then it is very useful to know the skill of manipulating people. Here are some basic strategies for manipulation.

#1 Working with emotions – This is the most basic strategy for manipulation. You would have seen this in movies and at some phase, you might have even experienced it. It is famous as Emotional Blackmail. You have to make a person go in the flow of emotions to get your work done.

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#2 Be trustworthy – This is a very important thing. If you want to manipulate a person then he should be trusting you or else it won’t work. You have to make others trust you and the best way to do it is by opening up in front of them and telling them some of your personal stories or experiences. This will increase their level of trust for you and it will make it easier for you to manipulate them.

#3 Become popular and likeable by all – All the things will fail if you are not liked by the other person. You need to make the person like you and then only you could take any steps further. If you want to get liked by others or get popular then you need to stay kind and act well in front of them but you don’t need to kiss their asses or else they would notice it.

#4 Body Language – A person could hide the truth very easily by not saying it but it is not easy to hide the truth without the help of body language. The body language of a person could define a lot about him/her. There are chances that a person might be saying “no” but the body language would be implying “yes”. You have to clever enough to notice the body language of that person and know what he/she is really trying to say.


#5 Guilty Approach – This is considered to be one of the oldest ways to manipulate people. Even you might have done this many times knowingly or unknowingly. When you make a person feel guilty about something then he/she would try to make it up to you and that is the time when you could get your work done in the form of compensation. This works very well with the people who feel guilty very much.

#6 Use what you have – This is a kinda shitty method but you can give it a try if it works for you. If you have a great physique or a pretty face then you could use it to manipulate someone and get your work done. This strategy would work very less but still, you can give it a try.

#7 Relief and Fear technique – This is a strategy where you use the emotions of the other person. It works when you help a person when you know that they are about to give up. All you have to do is give them some moral support and an emotional boost and what you get in return is whatever you ask for from that person.

These are some of the strategies for manipulation and getting your work done very easily from others.

You can go through the video below to know more about the manipulation techniques and strategies.



You should keep it in mind that someone else could also use these strategies on you so to protect yourself, you have to master these techniques and find all the possible ways and loopholes to save yourself from getting tricked and manipulated by others.

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