What if your newspapers can become like the ones in Harry Potter?

The first question I want to ask you all is how many of you are huge fans of the Harry Potter series? If the answer is yes, then this article is going to be an amazing one for you.


All the people who have seen the thrilling series of Harry Potter would have imagined a lot about the world filled with magic. Every Potterhead would have imagined the situation of the world if there was magic in the world. What if I tell you that your newspapers can become like the ones shown in Harry Potter and they can have moving pictures? That sounds amazing, right. So let us know more about it.

The movies of Harry Potter had shown the concept of moving pictures in the newspapers. The researchers have worked with Facebook and the University of Washington and developed an AI method. 


AI has been advancing a lot in recent times. The first thing which is needed is multiple photos to create a 3D model, and those photos have to be taken from different angles. The technology has surpassed this level and created an AI method which could create a 3D model with the help of a single picture.

This project is known as the Photo Wake-Up algorithm, which works by identifying the person that has been displayed in the image. The person or the character which has been identified is then masked and separated from the rest of the image. The subject masked has a 3D template applied to it and then it is projected back to 2D. The texture of the image is then applied to the 3D template, and the back of the model is generated based on the data gathered from the image. Later on the back and the character is stitched together to create a 3D model.


The result obtained from this is a 3D model which can be made to walk, sit, jump, or run in a 3D space.

The models which are being created aren’t entirely realistic at this time. Some of the models still resemble the old Nintendo 64 game characters. The models created are made with the help of simple artwork.

The technology is still under development, and it could be applied to several places like augmented reality in order to bring artwork and photos to life. The best use of Photo Wake-Up can be made in museums. They can use this technology with an app so that the visitors can have an interactive look at the popular contents.


There are a few limitations to Photo Wake-Up at this moment. It works best only with the images which display the subject from the front. AI can handle some images in which an arm is bent in front of the body, and it animates the limb so that it can move naturally. But, it is not able to handle subjects where a large portion of the body is blocked.

Photo Wake-Up is a unique technology, and it could be made very useful once it is fully developed. Potterheads will get an essence of the life of the characters of Harry Potter due to this.

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