Let’s kill the boredom with this time pass websites

I know the answer to this question would be yes because everyone is highly bored sitting at their homes. Some of the people would be utilizing this time with some productive work and I am sure that ratio would be very less. Most of the people would be doing some time pass watching movies and series and still getting bored.


So here I am with a list of websites that could work as a great time pass for all those who are bored right now.

  1. Billions of Facebook Profile Pics on a Single Page

    When it comes to time pass, people can turn towards anything. This website aggregates all the profile pictures from Facebook on this single page.

  2. typedrummer.com

    As you go on typing letters, this interesting link will play drum beats. Music is a great way to kill boredom.

  3. Crazy Card Trick

    Have a look at this amazing card game and get amazed every time you play. Try to see whether you can find the loophole or not.

  4. Twitter Clock

    This is a clock that has been developed by Twitter using their algorithm. You will be able to see tweets based on the current time.

  5. Geo Guesser

    Are you interested in geography? If yes, then this website will allow you to guess places around the world by looking at the photograph. It is a great way to kill time along with gaining some knowledge.

  6. Findtheinvisiblecow.com

    All you have to do is find the invisible cow on the page by focusing on the audio.

  7. Wikipedia Vision

    Take a look at all the live edits that are taking place from different parts of the world on Map.

  8. famousobjectsfromclasssicmovies.com

    It is a perfect game for movie addicts. Discover the movie title from the objects shown with some guesses.

  9. You Are Getting Old

    Discover some interesting facts about your age from this website.

  10. LapFace

    This is a live community of people that are working on laptops. Socialize with people or kill your time laughing on others.

  11. Antipodr.com

    Find the exact opposite place of the location that you enter on Earth.

  12. Gravity is fun

    When you click anywhere on the screen, mass is created. When you click at one more place than the two masses will attract each other to form a single mass. Enjoy the fun of gravity.

  13. Pixelthoughts

    Here is an interesting meditation for 60 seconds to release your stress.

  14. Galaxy

    Here is the entire galaxy put up on your browser. Explore everything about the universe.

  15. Clickhole

    Have a look at this BuzzFeed parody website to find something new and interesting.

Here is a list of some of the websites that can pass your time in this time of boredom.

If you want me to upload some more time killing websites, then let me know in the comments section and I will surely come with something else. Stay safe at home and enjoy your time.

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