What is VFX?

The film making industry is right now surviving because of VFX. Currently we can say that there might not be any movies in which VFX is not used. VFX is the most essential part of sci-fi and heroic movies. Without the help of Visual Effects, a sci-fi movie is not possible. Read on to know about VFX and the career options after learning VFX.

What makes you look dumber?

Everyone in this world wants to create an impression and what other people to like them. Sometimes people end up doing things and behaving in a way which makes them look dumber than they actually are. Do not try very hard to impress someone because remember one thing that you are born to live and not to impress others. Here is a list of a few things which you should keep in mind if you don't want to look dumb in front of people.

How to know what the person standing in front of you is thinking about you?

The art of reading others minds is not only done by Astrologers. An ordinary person can also read other person's mind with the help of one way and that is observing the body language. The body language of a person will give you more than 55% of information of the other person without even having a conversation. Most of the people just ignore them but it could tell you a lot if you observe them properly.

What makes a genius different from others?

No one is born genius. Every one is ordinary but a person becomes a genius with extraordinary practices. There is a famous quote, "Practice makes a man perfect". If a person practices some strategies then he/she also could become a genius. Geniuses are self-made. Here is a list of 5 strategies that makes a genius different from others. Implement these strategies in life to improve your level of thinking.

10 Things that will speed up your Personal Growth

Personal Growth is looked upon by everyone but it is not so easy to achieve. One has to be dedicated enough for achieving personal growth in life. One has to follow several steps and go through a lot of difficulties and situations in life and in the end you get the results of your hard work. So, here is a list of 10 things that will help you speeding up your personal growth.

What is the most important skill needed to catch a criminal?

Intelligence agency catches criminals by creating a criminal profile. They track down the criminals by noting down certain patterns which are known by a series of incidents that occur. Criminal Profilers observe the crime scenes and then create a criminal profile by analyzing the crime scenes.